Without wishing to be snotty

surely no-one under the age of 16 should have any sort of piercing done


heh I find piercings appalling but I think most would consider that quite old

my mum used to be all "not until you're 18" and I was all "yuck not until I'm never!"

She clearly wasn't using the aftercare fluid properly, that stuff could kill anything.

The mistake she made is going to Claire's Accessories and having it done by a teenager with a glorified staple gun.

I took my friend's eight year old to get her ears pierced and we went to a proper piercing studio/tattoo parlour.

Had the added advantage of little Lily seeing a man getting his arm inked and saying, "I'm NEVER getting a tattoo!" in horror.

Every girl I knew had their ears pierced by 10 (including me)

I had mine done when I was 9 and was one of the first in my class, but pretty much everyone else had had theirs done by the time we were about 12.

Lady P, how rude!


I will have you know I had to do a full 30 minute training session before I was let loose with my glorified staple gun.

I had mine done at 13, which given how earlobes grow was probably too early.


Plus it meant wearing tape over my ears for a whole summer of sports

Several of the girls in my five year old's class have earrings.  I suspect they had them pre speech or walking. They have not been invited to her 6th birthday (nothing to do with us tbc, she picked the guest list).  

"Ms Jordan took several photographs of the infected ear to chronicle her daughter's plight"

The brother is called "Mickey-Lee". 

I judge people by the names they give their kids (knowing full well I am so judged in my turn)

I remember noticing my godmother had hers pierced when I was about 4 and I thought it was a trick ("of course it's not through your skin though!!!")


I took my friend's eight year old to get her ears pierced


are you a fucking gypsy or something?


" Lady Penelope

I had mine done when I was 9"

Is this a U v non-U thing? That sounds remarkably early.


are you a fucking gypsy or something?

No, and the child in question definitely isn't. Her late grandfather was an earl.

It's true, I have no idea about her paternal ancestry.

Yes dux it is a U v non-U thing to a large degree. IIRC pretty much all the girls at my secondary school had their ears pierced before they joined. 14/15 was when the tattoos and belly button piercings began. 

I didn’t have my ears pierced until I was 16, closely followed by a double piercing in my belly button about a month later. Ears completely healed up, and had to have them re-pierced three years ago for when I married Mr GHF. The belly button piercings have, however, lasted a lifetime (so far); I keep meaning to take them out and then change my mind.  

"U v non U thing"

you massive snobs. Aren't you ever embarrassed to be like this? You are all middle class at best.  You're not Diana Mitford fgs 

it was completely normal for girls under 10 to have their ears pierced in the 80s.  And we were expected to care for them properly to prevent infections, and did because we weren't molly coddled like overgrown toddlers 

I had mine done when I was 5 and a second hole at 9 (it was the 80s and all the rage then)

8 seems to be the common age now, my 9 year old doesn't want it done as she hates needles, the 5 year old wants hers done but have told her she has to wait until she's 8.

Do you know any adult women that don't have their ears pierced? Have told the eldest she will want it done at some point so might as well get it over with

queenie! I do not have my ears pierced and find it FREAKISH! FREAKISH U FREAKS!

even tho statistically I am the freak


I had mine pierced at 16, then my ear lobes grew so had them re-done when I was at law school an I had my navel pierced at 23 or 24.

ps that was a bit of a fucked up thing to say to your kid tho

it's horrific I judge u all

and why don't mainstream men do it eh eh eh

Judo, I would never have imagined you with a navel piercing!

I wasn't allowed to get my ears pierced in the 80s. I think I must have been 14/15ish? Got belly button done at 18 but recently took it out. Might have to see if I can coax it back in now my tummy is looking less gross.

Chicken boy has small hoops in each ear. And a stud. I'm still not sure how I feel about this.

I have never had anything done other than my ears. It turns out that getting my ears pierced in primary school was not in fact a gateway drug.

Just makes me think of those African neck cone ladies

Can you consent to a piercing on behalf of someone else's 8 year old child?

Anna u r much more chav than I expected.  I reckon 15 y/o  you hung around the park behind the wheatsheaf doing poppers with the BIGGER BOYS in a mark II golf or  fieata with blacked out windows

I did have sex in my boyfriend's pimped up Vauxhall Nova when I was 17 though. 

My ears were pierced before I was two. Obviously I had no say in this matter and I didn’t wear earring for years and years as a teenager. 

When I put earring back in about 10 years later it hurt a bit but the holes were still there enough to shove some back through. 

Very normal to have them done when a few months old out here (we got bought a few sets of earrings when my daughter was born). We obviously didn't have them done.

I must confess I find pierced years on pre-teen kids a bit yuck.

I find pierced ears on very young children distasteful. I don't think it should be done until the child is old enough to decide they want it done. I think an eight year old is old enough though. Ear piercing is really not a big deal. I don't think you should be able to get anything else done before 16 though.

What logic is there for your arbitrary age limit on which bits of skin people can choose to have pierced?

Ear (lobe) piercing is the norm and almost all adult women have it done. So an eight year old girl having her ears pierced is only doing what she would almost certainly choose to do as an adult anyway.

Any other kind of piercing is more difficult, more painful, more likely to cause complications and not really the norm (in that more people don't have it done than do). So I think it's something that should be a more careful and considered decision. 16 is the age when you can choose what else to do with your own body (such as have sex) so it kind of makes sense to me.

"Any other kind of piercing is ... not really the norm ".

This is extraordinarily homophobic and racist for someone who pretends to be as liberal as you do.

"Any other kind of piercing is ... not really the norm ".

This is extraordinarily homophobic and racist for someone who pretends to be as liberal as you do.

Why IS it the norm it's so horrible. Much worse than high heels from a sexist self modification pov.

Sorry, are you suggesting high heels are "sexist"? Wtf?

Tbf, it's much more likely that an employer will specify that you have to wear high heels than that they will say you have to wear earrings. And wearing heels for long periods of time is more uncomfortable and can cause more serious health problems than having pierced ears. 

I've literally never come across anyone being weird about pierced ears for those old enough to consent before

Queenie, I've always laboured under the impression you were quite posh. This chavtastic revelation has come as a bit of a shock.

bwahahahahhshshshhsahahahshsaaa at me being quite posh

that's made my day

I admit I have never had anything pierced (for decorative purposes) but, if someone else wants to, who cares?

If my kids want to and they're capable of justifying it, OK.

Tattoos are more of an issue surely? If you change your mind about a piercing, it will heal eventually. Not the case with a tattoo...

....although ladies wanting me to inspect their tramp stamp may get favourable treatment

Hi pappajorrox  I want a piercing through my tongue.

for why petunia, justify this!

It is better for giving oral sex to one's partner papa, surely you know that?

You are only 13 you should not be suxking dinkles!!!

who said anything about dinkles daddy, you keep me incarcerated in a convent boarding school...

"Stick it on this lump of wood love. We'll have it pierced in a jiffy. I have even washed the hammer and the nail under hot water and everything."

wang, is your post about the tongue stud meant to be a tribute to a former rofette or is it simply happy accident?