The Wimbledon Prowler

Anyone else been following the case?  He's pleaded guilty and seems he was regularly driving from Manchester to Wimbledon to case houses and enter them several times before taking anything.  Seems that if he'd not used his car or taken the train he wouldn't have been tied to as many burglaries as a large part of the evidence is ANPR footage of his car in the area.

The Times has an interview with one resident who seems to have had lots of small thefts during which he located the safe and key for it before returning to empty the safe.  The resident started setting her burglar alarm after the first few thefts and it went off regularly and her family would find the backdoor ajar.  Surely there's not much point setting the alarm if you don't lock the door?

I have been wondering about this because I'd have assumed people round there would have state of the art security.

Seems a lot of them are like my parents.  They have an alarm but have lived there for years and not been burgled so don't bother setting it and some times forget to lock doors and windows at night.

Until my parents got a new dog they and the dog were so deaf and the TV was so loud you could have cleared the house without them noticing as long as you didn't go into the sitting room.

"that if he'd not used his car or taken the train"

Perhaps a helicopter would have been less conspicuous?

That's probably easier to track Dux given air traffic control and shizzle.  Seems though he was dim enough to have his picture taken driving his own car close to the houses he burgled shortly before or after they were burgled.

My mother is absolutely maddening for not locking her front door. She sits in the sitting room with the hall door shut and anyone could walk in without her noticing (I know this because I regularly do, and arriving with 2 children in tow is not generally a stealthy affair)

The police were convinced this guy was ex military or a specialist police officer. Turns out he was a chippy owner! Lol

There's even a rumour that he found some secret tunnels that are rumoured to run under the golf course and used those to escape and he certainly seems to have done a huge amount of research.

Also strange that he seems to have spaffed the proceeds gambling and some of his biggest hauls came straight after he'd lost a fortune in a casino.

I don’t know why he just didn’t go to Wilmslow.

A lot closer for him and one suspects much more by way of easily convertible bling lying around the big houses there than in Wimbledon.

"Wilmslow...much more by way of easily convertible bling lying around"

That's no way to talk about Elizabeth Denham's fashion accessories.

So sails, you're saying he's been underground, overground - wandering free?

heh at the secret tunnels - where did you read that?!

megaheh for wang


I used to find those Nigel Williams Wimbledon books absolutely hilarious.

Queenie that's in the Times reporting of it all but think it's supposition from a local resident.

What sails said is true, hence the Police suspicion this guy was ex military, or a specialist officer. On one ocassion, he was cornered by dogs and several police officers who were less than 50 metres away from him, and he gave them the slip.


And another time , he was similarly cornered , in addition to which  he was covered by a helicopter, and gave them the slip again. He had been at it for ten years and there was a real concern in the area.

What strutters said, I dont know why he didn't go to Wilmslow, or Alderely Edge or similar, where he would have stubbled on no end of millions of pounds of kitcsch vulgari jewellery, and the like. Wimbledon less so, as the parts he was focusing on ( the village) is very much old money in the main, where families have lived in the same home for generations.

I love it round Alderley Edge, Knutsford, etc. It's as if someone transplanted all the nice little towns on Surrey, and the surrounding countryside, but populated it with people who aren't disappearing up their own arses.

You obviously haven't met my neighbours who are very clearly new money (he's a builder, she's plastic fantastic), in a new build, with lots of bling and about 7 cars around their house.

OMG normal people spending money as if life's meant for having fun. How terrible.

I assume that he figured he was less likely to be caught burgling an area he had no obvious connection to.  Basically the old don't sh*t on your own doorstep approach.

Tricky, they do exist I guess, but in Wimbledon there are not many, and certainly hardly any in the village where this guy was operating.

Dude. Go to the Farmers Market on Sunday. More plastic bags than the Indian Ocean, except they're all nicely packed inside the local ladies' boobage/bummage. At least half of Wimbledon is nouveau riche and chav.

Tricky, no I don't think half of Wimbledon is nouveau riche and chav, it really isn't.

That said, there are any number of people in there 20's and early 30's who come from various parts of the country/London, who are a bit nouveau. In that they virtually bankrupt themselves, with expensive leased cars, massive mortgages/rent payments, spaffing thousands in Matches,, eating out at The Ivy three times a week, with no end of big faced watches adorning their wrists, on modest professional salaries.


Never been to the farmers market to be fair

you only have to look at the interiors of the houses up for sale currently to see half is chav.

I certainly know a few self-made banker types who've leveraged themselves to the max to go live in Wimbledon.  The one person I know who grew up in Wimbledon now lives in Raynes Park because he and his wife can't afford Wimbledon.

Tricky, whereabouts, I a always on the local property websites , etc. I really don't see what you are seeing. In fact the reverse.

By way of example a friend of a friends father had a very successful kitchen design, make, and instillation business in Cobham, which is of course full of metal traders and premiership footballers. These kitchens were as you imagine ultra modern, and built from rare /stupidly expensive materials.

Said kitchens would cost up to 400k when finished. He opened a shop in Wimbledon thinking it would take off, and he only did one job in 5 years.SW19 is not the sort of place where people spaff 100k plus on a kitchen.

SAILS, fairly common. I know of a law school mate at a mid-tier commercial/Civil set. He is solid  , nothing spectacular. He has an 800k mortgage on a flat in wimbledon , and can barely afford to eat. He is having to sell it, and move to Kingston. Silly really.

Why is some bloody Dutch lawyer telling us who is "nouveau" like she's the Duchess of ****ing Rothesay?

Did he do one job in the first year and then sit about for 4 years doing nothing before closing or did he do nothing for 5 years before getting one job?

Or was it around the midway point?

(In fairness, half the holders of that title have been Krauts, but even so...)

In the kitchen scenario I imagine that the Russian/celeb/big bonus banker in the village for whom money is no object would go for a central London ‘name’.

More normal people that I know, even around the Common area have very normal kitchens and are definitely not flashy folks.

Strutter, I think you are probably about right. People who live in and about the common or village just dont spaff hundreds of thousands on a kitchen, or indeed anything. Mostly drive very ordinary cars, Volvos and the like, which they keep for ages.

Chap I know near there is a scion of a well known brewing family.

Drives a 20 year old Honda 4x4

The blingy houses in Wilmslow/Knutsford/Alderley/Hale are done up like fort knox, I expect Wimbledon easier.

i think the tunnels theory was blown by the emergence of the car footage

The founder of Weatherspoons has  oldish battered Volvo estate,and a 15 year old bentley. He does however live in a huge detached victorian house on Parkside Avenue.


Ditto a close mate from school , who descends from a very famous spirit family. Hugee lovely  house, father ex army Major non graduate, then became CEO of Savills. Parents love their Volvos, and recently bought " new ones"  They were five years old lol

A bloody Dutch lawyer who actually lives in and about the common area?

In all fairness tho, I am only a casual observer.

I've never been to wimbledon but on the basis of this thread it sounds shit

Hargreaves no idea, what I do know he had to close his shop/factory in Vauxhall, and one in Wimbledon. He ended up virtually bankrupt. Had to take his kids out of fee paying schools. I guess these shops do better in places like Chelsea, and Alderely Edge or Wilmslow, where people won't baulk at paying half a mill for a kitchen, or buying £1000 per roll wall paper.

It's very strange how excitable rof can get about Wimbledon. 

Tricky, my parents have lived in the village/common for well in excess of thirty years.

Are you my landlord? If so, I'm sorry for winding you up. Also: could you please pay for the pest control guy who has had to come in because the council fucked up with inferior quality bins that have been eaten by squirrels and mice?

Mr H, are you the sort of person who is happier where the Range Rovers are very, very white and the women very, very orange?

If so then Wimbledon may not be entirely for you.

Indeed. The range rovers are suitably dark and the barbours and wellies suitably dark green/blue. The pheasant feathers on the fedoras are usually real and the only folks on the common on Sunday with a mutt instead of a Middleton bred spaniel are weird Dutch lawyers.

Nope, but equally wouldn't want to live in God's waiting room.


Wimbledon is only inhabited by deviants and retards.

Both Wimbledon and Surrey seem to be inhabited by people under the misapprehension they live in the country 

Dux, Alderley Edge is so in your face new money I thought you would have classed it as 'crass'.

Linda a friend of my parents was once talking about her place in town and when someone who lived in Chelsea realised she was talking about Wimbledon they looked at her and simply said "oh your place in the country".  People in Wimbledon think they live in London.

Well Linda I suppose you need to know exactly where you are talking about.

If you live in Abinger then you are in the country. If you live in Wimbledon then you are not.

Anyone who disagrees with the latter statement should have a look at the 4 or 5 large supermarkets within a mile or two, major transport hub, built up town centre filled with numerous bars, theatres, cinemas and well known shops and reconsider their position.

my old dear was just along from west common and was burgled twice in short succession (both times while she was at the theatre) which made her move into a flat in the end. It was a little before this guy but I will be interested to see if they pin anything else on him. Her decades of paranoia of locking internal doors meant the losses weren't too bad as each time confined to one room but the fucker(s) got all my dad's things (watch, wedding ring) which she kept in the bedside table (& the return visit was ltd to the dining room so a heap of Masons ironstone and pewter)

Sails, if people who live in wimbldeon, don't live in London, where do they live?


Miss hoolie, I get what you mean about Surrey. People who live in say Kingston or Surbiton will often say the live in Surrey, which in reality it is nothing of the sort. But there are huge swathes of surrey which on any construction are genuinley Surrey. 

If you came to Wimbledon Village/Common, not having known it before  you would definitley think you were in the country. That said you don't have the disadvantages, for example you can get a mini cab after 10.00 PM, and have more than one eating establsishment where you can grab a meal

are genuinley countryside I meant, not surrey.


I don't know why sw19 gets a bit of an awful press sometimes, whereas Richmond doesn't.

I defo would not think that 


you're the guy who's been posting for years about property prices in Wimbledon aren't you. Heh 

welcome back Miss H, with her uneccesarily acerbic posting. Did you not say, you were NEVER coming back again................


Have you ever been to wimbledon common.

The only thing that jumped out at me when reading about this case was that he burgled the home of the footballer Nicolas Anelka, and was surprised in the act by the man himself, who gave chase. But the perp escaped.

He outran Nicolas Anelka! WTF?

Ebitda, which pub do you frequent on Xmas eve?

(& WTF Bayee Village has shut! I no longer know where to take my mother for lunch)

Kingston Upon Thames is the administrative capital of Surrey Ebitda.

The point is that people who live in central London still consider Wimbledon to not really be in London although the reality is that it is now suburban London despite being reasonably green.  I can see the argument for Kingston and places not being London as they have their own post codes unlike Wimbledon which is an SW post code.

As a country kid I always said I'd only ever live in central London or the country and couldn't see the point of living in between although I now live in the 0208 dialling code by a few hundred yards.

Although that is a bit of an historical anomaly as the only shifted it there from Southwark at the end of the 19th century and presumably didn’t want to send it too far away.

sail - is everything s of the river 081? Where does it kick in north of river?

m7 as a hampshire man you should have bigger historical anomalies to go after


*looks at bournemouth*

Escaped I don't frequent pubs in sw19 on xmas eve.


But you will not be dissapointed at the Light House, if you want to take your mother for lunch, high end comfortable fine dining, without the prices or pretension. More than worth a look. Hope that is helpful.

There is now an Ivy in SW19 though have not been, so cannot comment. They now have about 20 restaurants, does that properly constitute a chain?

@ escaped 081! that code hasn't been used for well over 20 years ? There are 0207 places south of the river, I think. Putney , Fulham have 0207 codes.

0208 I believe kicks in around Clapham South as I'm pretty sure when I lived on Clapham High Street it was 0207 there but I'm 0208 in Balham.

Not sure north of the river but I believe Hampstead is 0208 from having family there.