Will you join any Brexit riots?

I might, we'll see.


If coffee is rationed I will be at the front of the crowd with min three English heads tethered to my belt

i am fvcking off abroad for a few months in early April so probably not, but I hope that plenty of Brexiteers end up with their heads on spikes or hanging from Clergs’s belt

Of the three heads - will one be that of JRM? or Bo Jo? 

It will be hard to get any numbers together, but I’ll give it a go! Can you have a one person riot... ...or is that just seen as a breakdown of some sorts?

Fluffy, you're anti-EU, right?

I'll join you on a riot if we don't get a "no deal". 

Ducks, is there someone with cancer you really hate or something?

I ask because no deal will kill a lot of people with cancer

The four trophy heads should be Bojo, JRM, Farage and Corbyn: the four horsemen of the acuntalypse.

I look forward to hearing a chant from the would-be Brexiteer rioters can all get behind without it provoking the most savage of infighting. Allow me to suggest the timeless, "down with this sort of thing!"


I'd actually replace Farage with Cameron.  Farage has never had any clout and nobody took him seriously until old Trotters got a case of the scareds.

It's OK, we can agree on five horsemen if there's space on Clerg's belt.