Will you comply with the next lockdown?

Me - no.

How will you not tho? If things aren't open you can't go to them. If people act like fannies you can't see them 

my mother reports my brother is being full mad vuvu zealot and talking about refusing to allow his kids to go to school in September. 

Fortunately I now have a crew of people who will sack it off

Obviously I can't magic open the things to do but we can just do them indoors like it's the war

Worrying news re your brother :( why can't people see the much worse harm they're doing


I'm not complying with the government's lame attempts to get us out of lockdown.

I don't blame people for refusing to send their kids to school in September. The threat to public health is still there. Hopefully a few brave martyrs will stick to their guns.

Broadly I would comply, but not to the nth degree, worrying about the minutiae of the rules. 

- Dont go to the office.

- Only see people in the garden.

- Where masks in crowded shops. And avoid shops public indoor spaces wherever poss.

- Try not to have people in the house.

Which is pretty much what i and anyone capable if thinking for themselves should have been doing since about mid Feb anyway. 


The tricky one is schools. Will let kids go in as  education is important and so worth the risk.

But plan A is still very much to let every other bugger get it before me.

5G's not going to get me, but the PRC will, if the government goes ahead with the Huawei licence. In Parliament, only the Liberals and a few maverick Conservatives stand between us and total capitulation to an expansionist tyrannical regime.


Tbh I will be a bit more relaxed now as we have at least demonstrated that we can stop the nhs being overwhelmed and the IFR is clearly below 1 and even lower for those os us under 50.

Only seeing people in the garden won't work in October tho

Yes, but not because of the virus. 

I like being on my own at home, slow pace of life and chilled out. 

Anyone continuing to comply with lockdown or complying with future lockdowns is mental. 

Anyone under the age of 70 who are more afraid of this mild acute respiratory disease than they are of flu seriously needs to get some help for their disconnection from reality and get on with their lives. 


This virus thing is really revealing the friendless weirdo hermits 

I mean that's fine but don't pretend it's normal to be as you are pls

I have paid no attention whatsoever to the guidelines for the whole duration. I just minimise unnecessary contact with people outside a very small group.

Clearly not if it only affects another county or town.

I am not sure how you get around it, either everything is closed or it's open? I guess you could socilaze against the law but that is also up to other people disobeying, and my friends/family seem to be very into obeying the will of the PM in this nonsense.

I would probably go back to Canada or the USA while it blows over, depending on the state of those countries when/if it happened.



Tbf it is more dangerous than the flu even for the middle aged. And there is no herd/residual immunity. And its novel enough that there couldbe unexepected effects. So it is right to fear it more than the flu.

 But - not that much more.  With an IFR comfortably less than 1% for most people, it certainly does not look that dangerous.

it's a lot less dangerous than flu for under 45s, actually

If there's a legal requirement to comply with a lock down I will obey the law.  And so will you.  

Clergs - fair point re october. Thats why we will probably get a second wave hitting around then. Assuming they lock down again, I will probably broadly comply but happily make the odd exception for special occassions.

What will be interesting is if it is raging at Xmas and there is another lock down taking place then. I think a lot of families will be like: “fuck it, weve done our bit, lost the business/job, have put up with a world of shit - but we are having xmas dinner together”. At that point you could be seeing some proper pitched battles between vuvuzealots and ordinaries.



if everything is closed I won’t have much choice

but I will probably head to the US for another while

No, jelly, I won't. Hadn't realised how many didn't last time.

Sorry clergs - u might be right about that actually, though given its novelty and higher overall IFR, it is a bit counter intuitive. Do you have any good links that set that out? Suspect it will vary across different flu strains?

Parent picking up small child whose little legs kick away at fresh air in wheels as they're carried away.


If it’s mandatory I will yes. I am law abiding.

CW - flu IFR is seasonal and depends on a number of factors, including severity of strain and impact of vaccination. Also, nobody really bothers to track flu infection so it's difficult to knit. 

IFR of flu can be as low as 0.002% and as high as 0.1 depending on various factors. 

Flu also has a disproportionate impact on the young compared to the adult population. 

The US CDC puts Covid at 0.26% IFR so probably twice as bad as a bad flu season. Latest sero out of that ski resort in Switzerland put their IFR of 0.25% with 46% prevelance (highest yet). 

So, it's worse than flu, but you'd expect that of a new virus in a virgin population with no vaccine. 


To the extent that everything/somethings are closed what choice do I have. Other than that I shall pick and chose as I think appropiate for me. I cannot see how any sensible government would dare have a proper lockdown over Xmas and the NY.

Those  living alone being told they cannot visit their parents, etc for Xmas dinner, good luck.

Meanwhile Han-Cock threatens to close beaches following 500, 000 people visiting dorset beaches and no one social distancing well I never. I was ordering takeways by Kingston River at 4.00 yesterday there must have been 500 plus people there. The Police turned up in two vans, had a look and departed 2 minutes later.

Pinkus - yeah I get all that m8 - but I hadnt checked how flu ifr varies across age. It could easilybe true that covid has a worse ifr than flu across the whole population (for reasons you state etc), but that it is far more dangerous for the old than flu and actually less dangerous for (say) under 50s than flue. Thats what clergs was suggesting and she may well be right. Just realise i hadnt really seen an age by age comparison. 

It certainly seems that covid is not at all dangerous really amongst kids - so under 18s I would expect that flu is more dangerous. 18-50 though. I just dont know and would be interested if anyone had a link to hand.

It's interesting.  It is very much weather dependant.  But in the last couple of weeks from raves in Manchester to Bournemouth Beach, from fights on Ogmore Beach and at Durdle Door to huge numbers ignoring the rules to march for and against BLM or to celebrate the Liverpool title, plus the trouble in Notting Hill and Brixton this week over music parties being closed by police I've not known the UK public in such huge numbers ignore a law like this.

Any attempt now to impose a second lockdown or to close beaches etc. will turn quite a lot of trouble into mass rioting.  The first lockdown broke down because the police weren't/couldn't enforce it and didn't have the numbers to do so.

A law which can't be enforced isn't really a law so in answer to the original question no.

Will first depend on whether I think it is justified, which will depend on whether the health service as at risk of being overwhelmed,  If so I will comply fully.  If not will basically do what I can get way with to the extent it is important to me - while taking suitable precautions re vulnerable friends and relatives 

In dont think the first lock down broke down especially. They released it pretty much in line with what they said they were going to do. 

I think another one may turn out to be necessary in the Winter. If so there will be a lot of people ignoring it, and quite a lot of conflict around it, but probably enough broad compliance to protect the nhs etc.

I will probably spend Christmas overseas this year

Had been something to try for a while anyway

The NHS won't be protected if there's a other lockdown

It already has a massive hole in its budget

They can and will cut other things, police, council budgets, schoold, roads etc, but it won't be enough.

I am very glad of my friends and family right now

Couldn't bear to have a "you can't come inside" social circle