will twitter completely actually explode

once the disclosure is made at 11pm tonight in response to the humble address?


why on EARTH would they not just delete all their stuff now

isn't the theory that the lawyers would have collected everything for the Scottish case...


so they can't delete it


(which is why we should all be using signal apparently - auto deletes everything and can never be recovered. handy info for when I become organised criminal)


I’ve been using it for months and I can’t see that anything has been deleted 

What are you now, a disorganised criminal?

No, twitter will not explode because the gubmint will not give disclosure.

When October comes, MPs will find the gubmint has been around to Parliament and changed the locks.

you have to get the settings right (which may of course be beyond MPs)



Clubman, we all know you’re a remainer. Why do you carp so much about this stuff? As a betrayers moderate Tory remainer, you should it anything be keener to see Johnson take one in the face than are we leftist remainers. I appreciate I’m telling you what to think, but the right do that to the left all the freaking time, so hey ho

Stuff will be redacted , citing national security, etc, etc.

""Stuff will be redacted , citing national security, etc, etc."


not just "girly swot" but "big girls blouse" as well?


everyone Leave gonna get uglypwned

"As a betrayers moderate Tory remainer..."

Laz must have had to pause and think this one through

1. Twitter will not explode because most of the planet does not give a flying fcuk about the increasingly ridiculous antics of quarterwit politicians in a miserable little island off Europe. 

2. Presumably there are privacy implications, even if the humble address overrides FOIA exemptions from disclosure and DPA privacy rights, there remains the right to privacy under ECHR?

Apnhb - imagine Ignatious P. Rielly from "A Confederacy of Dunces", but fatter and with receding ginger hair.  That is Laz.