Will this turn the US election

Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere. I am out of touch with the board.

Do we think that a democratic response to the issues in the US and reaction to Trump's comments will result in his losing the election or will the redneck massive just love him more for makingmurcagrehtagin and clamping down on those pesky folk who believe in human rights? 

all the racists voted for him last time so I don't think he needed any more of those votes. 

HOPEFULLY - this means he will lose a lot of the black vote - but then are are some really dumb people out there, so who knows. 


The red necks are about 40 per cent he wouldn’t lose them whatever he did - the key is to galvanise everyone else - hopefully his absurd behaviour over covid and now this will do that.

I have been utterly astounded by a number of factors over the last four years. 

1- Americans seem to live in a society that has a media environment akin to North Korea. By this I mean that existing in a totally fact free, misinformation bubble by choice is entirely possible. 

2- 40 something percent of Americans are astoundingly stupid.


3- the fragility if the US political system and  the complete corruption of it by outside interests (on both sides of the aisle)

and finally


4- that there is a class of very wealthy people in America who have zero interest in maintaining the ‘status quo’ of a democratic society and who are more than happy to use Trump to year it all down in order to profit from scavenging over the corpse of Uncle Sam. 


Biden ditched the left in pursuit of middle-ground, middle-income swing voters. 

Unpalatable as it is, urban unrest usually sends suburban whites running towards the authoritarian Republican party rather than away from it. 

This could easily end up benefitting Trump

and if so he will take his first term as the basis for a moral authority beyond the role authority per se, whereas he has no moral authority at all for anything. 

I absolutely loathe this man and everything he stands for. I have more time for Kim Jong Un, oddly.

I was reading a quote of his in 2016 where he directly lifted the words of Benito Mussolini. When challenged his answer was "what difference does it make if Mussolini said those words or anyone else?"  erm... a shitload, mate. If I quoted directly from Hitler's speeches I would expect to be criticized for that. Because it comes out of my mouth doesn't mean it wasn't Adolf's idea.   With this logic, Trump can recommend gas chambers and detention in work camps for the good of making America great again and present this as a fresh idea.  

how do you even begin to deal with this. It's so demented that the usual weaponry of conjecture and debate are redundant. We're in the "did/didn't/did" school of resolution.

Mutters, no it will not. US police brutality and racism is (for all his other faults), not Trump's fault. 

I posted about this (about Trump re-election in general, not specifically in response to Floyd) in another topic a few days ago - cut and paste of my post there (also note that Biden is a terrible candidate)

"I think Trump is a prick too Scylla, I just don't let that blind me to his political abilities and how he's running rings around the Democrats. 

Did you see the Trump campaign video I posted in another topic a couple days ago? Playing clips of Senator Biden boasting about being "tough on crime" and locking people up, and attacking him for destroying the lives of too many young black men? This is a conservative Republican attacking a liberal Democrat from the *LEFT* (combined with the Trump administration actually pushing prison and sentencing reforms that massively benefit black people). 

It's basically the same thing Blair and Clinton did to win power in the 90s - they outflanked Tories/Republicans from the *right* by seizing the initiative on crime/law and order (among other things). Trump is doing the same thing to the Democrats - it's political genius. Given how black Americans vote Dem as a bloc, Trump only needs to take a small number of them away from Biden (or even have them stay at home) to make a huge electoral difference. I remember reading somewhere that some polls are showing black American approval ratings for Trump have gone from 10% in 2016 to 30-40% this year - that's *huge*. 

There are other examples too. 

I think Sanders could have beat Trump. Warren maybe (before Trump destroyed her politically with the Pocahontas maneuever - she fell totally into his trap). But Biden? No chance. Not unless he benefits from the country utterly collapsing between now and November (which may yet happen the way things seem to be going). 

Also: Tara Reade has not been thoroughly debunked. The average American will only register that allegations have been made against Biden in the same way they were made against Kavanaugh and Trump himself and not care about the details of who said what (unless there is smoking gun stuff on either side which doesn't exist)."

"If the whole system is broken and racist why bother voting "they" will just steal the election / nothing will change etc." 

This is indeed the message that Russian troll farms pumped out last time to reduce black voter turnout. 



not sure why it surprises me either. But at least elsewhere this 40% don’t convince themselves they are actually smarter than everyone else with this Qanon business.

which is utter utter utter Alice in Madhatterland lunacy. 

I’m just hoping and praying that Stru is wrong. But then I hit 2 all over again. 

The US, and therefore the world power structures as we know them, simply will not survive another 5 years of Trump. 

I wasn't being that serious about KJU.  He's a despotic bastard. But he's rocking the communist siren suit look and crazy hair.  They deserve each other.

What about the Hispanic vote? I suspect there is little affection for rioting and looting amongst Hispanics, so any loss of black votes Trump suffers may be more than balanced.

Personally I think he will be re-elected. The liberal media and political class have got miles out of touch with the concerns of ordinary people, much as they have in the EU. So horrible though Trump is he is popular because there is nobody else who sees some big things as clearly and simply as he does.

You have to admit, he has been right about China and Iran. Credit even to him for that.

I didn't think trump would beat Clinton. so I 'm not calling it this time.

 biden looks a bit dopey to me

I quite liked Klobuchar.

At any rate to predict the end of the States is preposterous. There have been riots before and there will be again. They don't mean very much and to suggest they represent the demise of the nation is typical ROF nonsense.

That said I am convinced that if the riots have any effect at all they will push the silent majority into Trump's camp. Most people don't like him but they like riots and virtue signal-kneeling even less.

The Dems have to cover a lot of bases and get out a wide variety of not obviously alike voter groups, that’s why they look a little hazy imho. The GOP in contrast just needs angry poor people and really angry slightly less poor people. 
Is too depressing for words. 

I would wait to see who Biden picks as a running mate. If he goes too far left it could even the score; but right now all he has to do is let Trump keep being Trump and he'll landslide.

Track the increase in gun sales.

Each buyer is now a supporter of ‘law & order’.

Soft liberals always choose security over liberty

Many interesting and eloquent points above

To me, Trump is the devil incarnate. It is beyond disturbing to see that evil exist, be condoned by so many and play out on the world stage. 

We can only hope for his downfall one way or another and it can’t come a day too soon 

The protests work to his advantage. It shows a tough guy is needed to put the country back on its God directed path. It reminds them of blacklivesmatter movement during Obama's last days and why they voted for Trump in the first place.

Let's get the job done!! Sounds familiar?

What hurts him is Covid and recession because those are things that actually require him to do something and not just give the impression of doing something. 

The protests help trump. The election is won in the swing states. The looting and riots make them more partial to trump. Also the GOP base is rock solid. See fox news.

Hope dems win but Biden is a weak candidate. On the plus side he's not hated like Hilary was.

It's the dems so if they get themselves into knots over ideology could see them losing as well.

Wot Stru, Toastie and Scylla said about US decline and Trump’s likely win in 2020

Sadly, there are some Americans for which House of Cards, The First Purge and Handmaids Tale are guidelines not warnings.

I doubt that many who know me would put me in the tinfoil hat brigade, but I came to the conclusion of Trumps victory by way of reading other people’s Facebook.

I have a couple of friends in the States and one is a very active Trump supporter. Through their feed I now believe Trump's backers capable of anything to win.

In terms of approach, forgive my history buff(er) aside, the closest I can come to is the permanent revolution of pre-war soviets or Maoists. No prior action, policy or statement cannot be denied or revised, and no supporter subsequently cast aside or condemned as a traitor. 

Having become convinced that Trump now epitomises this ruthlessly, cynical, "nothing is off the table as long as we win" approach to politics I now suspect that some of the unrest is being stoked to assist Trumps appeal to the suburbs.

As before the MSM will condemn and vilify him but the relentless social media machine of the campaign and SuperPACS will roll on and by Nov have done their work. Largely silently, gullibly, maybe even with a quieted voice of guilt in their ear, they will vote for him.  

A school friend lives in America now. Not sure exactly where. 

she has just posted a long message on FB about how grateful she is for Trump calling out the military to ‘protect people’ from the violence and the looters. 

Her whole statement is that the governors are doing enough to maintain control. 


To my mind all Biden has to do is say "yeah, maybe I'll cut a little tax" and he'll win over a huge number of relevant votes in the fly-over states.

We're in an age where election promises or even basic facts don't matter and Trump isn't capable of challenging the maths. All Biden has to say is, "No wall, less tax"

Yes Tarquin.

We are all mental depressives because we object to a racist, criminal, rapist destroying the institutions of democracy in the greatest western power. 




It's not a shock that people in Trump-land are advocates of aggressive law and order. And virtue-signalling, cringeworthy posts about oppression while forgiving mob violence do nothing but turn a silent Middle America towards Trump. 

dell vikin03 Jun 20 08:48

All Biden has to say is, "No wall, less tax"


"Still a wall, and even less tax!"


Oh... yes a good old threat of thermonuclear annihilation by North Korea shall make me eager for the man with whom he exchanges ‘love letters’ to be elected to another term as the biggest POS ever to be POTUS. 

by god you are a dull khunt Tarquin. 

Nice to see all the people who are wrong about everything today were also wrong about everything 3 short years ago. 

What has trump said now?  No i cant be rsd to google.

say what you like about kim jon un, feeding your uncle to dogs is proper despoting

This is an old thread resurrected, Wang. I raised it as it was the only one reffing Biden rape accusee, Tara Reade. She's just turned up on Russian telly after defecting. 

u guys are aware, right, that there aren’t enough redneck loons, and they’re not widely enough distributed, to elect Trump without shytloads of people who should know better also voting for him?

You are aware, right? Proud Boyz and the Incelz (ok, same thing) don’t win anyone no elections.

You are right laz but what the alt right need, laz, is a relatively small swing in key states towards trump 


It’s also that the swing needed gets smaller. The GOP has been enacting voter suppression laws wherever it can, making it much much harder to vote. You think needing ID is bad? Look at some of the rules over there.