Will Hamza be the next Attenborough?

Uh yeah I was joking dear. 

Replacing Attenborough is the hardest gig since replacing Ferguson at Old Trafford. 

Whoever replaces Attenborough needs to be "political". It's not about pretty pictures, it's about saving the planet. Who TF is Hamza? 

Hamza like humans as well as animals and plants which differentiates him from Attenborough and the left in general

@dux - wildlife cameraman from a somewhat different background to most in that biz.

I enjoyed the doco he was fronting last night.  A bit woke, I suppose, as is the BBC's wont these days - could have done without the references to Strictly - I don't quite understand why people involved in the serious side of TV participate in things like that, at least not until they can be ridiculous without any risk of failing to be taken seriously in their real job, ie John Simpson. But it fell on the right side of wokeness I'd say.  I can't deny I enjoyed seeing a minority individual with an enthusiasm for and expertise in filming wildlife - in all the time I've been birdwatching I've seen only a very few non-white birders.  Hamza came across as having a genuine interest in the subjects he was filming, the footage was of really high quality, and obviously the main subject of the doco - birds of prey - are fascinating in their own right.  How the hell does he keep stuff from getting into those magnificent dreads when he's out in the field though?  That little hide in the final segment of the programme seemed just  big enough to fit him in sans dreads!  

They ought not to have pussyfooted around certain sensitive topics - for instance the reason why hen harriers are so rare is because they get shot on sight by Prince Harry types (in his former pre-woke incarnation) or their gamekeepers.  When the chap studying the golden eagles said "we have a real problem with persecution" he ought to have said it in plain bloody English ie. lots of them get shot.  But overall it was enjoyable.  7.5/10.  

Attenborough being political - IMO not before time.  This is perhaps the most well travelled human being on earth delivering his verdict on what we as a species ought to do so that those who come after us might still see some of the wonders he has.  

Never heard of him.

Packham is an interesting character, but doesn't have Attenborough's gravitas.

Cox was touted for a while, bit seems to have fallen off the radar. 

"Hamza like humans as well as animals and plants which differentiates him from Attenborough and the left in general".

Fatuous comment.