Why was Tackleberry canned?

Along with the rest of them. Well no one sane wanted a 9th instalment of that franchise.

Every one of those films was a masterpiece. A 9th installment was not only welcome but necessary. 

Citizens on Patrol is up there as the finest piece of art ever captured on film. 

saw ther first few as a child.  Thought they were comedy masterpieces... as an adult, not so much so.

Watched Airplane with a millenial friend.. I laughed my sides off, she was .. meh.  So I showed her Blazing Saddles to see the reaction, she thought it was a bit racist but funny all the same.. made the mistake of trying to explain that being a "bit racist" was the whole point and she may have missed that...

I seem to recall an interview with gutt back around when pAV - assignment Miami Beach was launched:

I - steve, why did you turn down the role for PAV?

SG - I felt all the important philosophical questions had been addressed in the first four films

Was Miami Beach the one where they were doing a training exercised and Lassard got kidnapped by some real baddies but he thought it was all part of the training exercise? 

Man that film was funny. 

Pinkus, I think you may be thinking about Their First Assignment (PAII).

With the great scene of Captain mauser (yowzer yowzer) gluing his own hands to his head

never seen these, i wasn’t even born other than the last 1

but a quick wikipedia check shows that the rotten tomatoes reviews r probably funnier than the films 

sure but 2bf the reviews r quite funny and good natured.m, so i’m not sure that my comment is quite the insult of the films it may seem on 1st glance