Why don’t we do something against trophy hunting?

why on earth is there no law prohibiting the killing of animals without license? Isn’t that over over due? Why is it not illegal and an imprisonable offense to kill rare animals at home and abroad?

why do so few people care?

well, you see there was this thing called colonialism and it had some pros but mostly cons for the people involved and in particular Belgium really fucked it up for everyone and so now most people are a bit hesitant to tell sovereign african states what they can and can't do with their wildlife. 


I would imagine that i.e. farming is a bigger threat to nature than the odd portly yank blasting fuck out of a lion

No it’s the hunters who will, if nothing happens, ROT OUT elephant lion and rhinos 

I do find it odd that the "big 5" trophy animals (lion leopard rhino elephant buffalo?*) are considered trophies.

surely it would be more of a statement to take down a slender loris with a slingshot or a mantis with an arrow or a giant aneater using only tai-chi and kabbadi?

*what did the hippo and the giraffe do to dodge the big 5 draft?

I don't think there are any wild lions or rhinos in the UK, and we can't make laws for other countries.

We can outlaw funking morons but it wont stop you will it? 

I think we have more pressing issues first, like stopping people killing each other in London.

There was that weird American woman who posed next to a giraffe wang, so maybe it’s a niche market.

I spose you have to have a pretty good taxidermist to mount a giraffe heid on a trophy.  and high ceilings.

Until a few weeks ago, I would have thought anyone with a strong animus against obtaining trophies would have called Jurgen Klopp. 

Maybe give Pocchetino a bell now.

I think it is quite pressing. When people stab each other in London it’s not my business 

Have you ever thought about how embarrassing it will be for mankind when these species are gone?

No, you’re the only person who has ever cared.  Yay you. 

you could make importing (or even owning) pelts illegal, but see how much of a spak out it causes when you tell some inbred chinless wonder that he can't set a pack of dogs on a fox and you get an idea of how much of a fight you have just to stop someone bringing back a Kangaroo's face from guatamala or whatever the fuck these weirdos do to get it up 

We can outlaw killing animals abroad no problem ?


You can put people in prison if they kill rare animals 

But how can we legislate in the UK against something happening abroad, under another country's jurisdiction, if it doesn't directly impact the UK?

The UK can throw your ass in jail for child prostitution in Thailand, right? Same principle?

If I kill a foreign abroad, am I then not a murderer or manslaughterer?

If it is committed by a UK individual then sure we could. We can make it illegal for Britons to go overseas and fight for IS. We can make it illegal for Britons to go to Nambia and shoot Rhinos.


That being said, we should start here at home. Ban driven grouse hunting and crack down on fox hunting. Killing any animal larger than a mouse should require an individual licence.

There are rules around importation of trophies already essentially unless it was killed legally in the country of origin and meets a few other criteria (including that the scheme under which it was shot is sustainable) you can't import it.

In short someone (probably lots of people) thought about it and came up with a reasonably coherent policy that acknowledges that some managed hunting may be beneficial for the survival of some species.  For what its worth in light of some of the lion farming stuff that he been revealed since I agree that may need to be revisited.

We could easily outlaw killing certain animals abroad even where it is legal same way we outlaw sexual exploitation of children.  Parliament is sovereign and there is no problem with extra territorial laws.  Enforcement is of course a different matter, point is the issues are not completely straightforward and we have some other sh1t going down right now.

An import ban is more likely to be effective. But as for banning people from doing things in other countries, how the hell do you know? Or get sufficient evidence to convict?

Anyway, as DD said above, we've got other stuff going on right now. Parliament isn't even getting round to making any laws governing what people do in this country, and won't until Brexit has been sorted.

If someone signs up with a provider, pays the fee, carries a gun suitable for trophy hunting and is on his way to trophy hunt, we should give them a hefty sentence- finding out is no problem if we want to

But they do Abs. Dazza Attbo's reception at Glastonbury over the weekend proves it.


And actually I do care, biodiversity includes big game who hunt down smaller game and keep the populations under control.

Yes Supes a pissed up, off thier titites , sun affectedcrowd at  festival is a good barometer lol

Why don't YOU do something, DD, apart from wank on on an internet message board for docblozzing gimpz?

People do care (and should care).

I have never understood the prevailing wisdom that human life is more sacrosanct than other species. There are seven billion of us for god's sake.

well, because we're the ones that would stop a meteor killing everything on the planet and we could probably jurassic park extinct animals back to life and we're the ones that are gonna spread to other planets, so its arguably a good survivial strategy to cosy up to us and tag along

I wonder what else I can do except donate, attending demos and being a member of the Green party

In China alone there are about five billion chickens, and (this may blow your mind) about 550 billion eggs - per year.


As discussed with clergs previously, there is a (imv) credible theory that the dominant form of life on the planet is cattle, or chicken.  or even more convincingly rice/wheat/barley...

The greens should concern themselves more with this topic instead of „more lesbian visibility“ and „parity in parliament“

DD King01 Jul 19 16:28

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I wonder what else I can do except donate, attending demos and being a member of the Green party

Go to the actual countries where it is happening?  Not much fucking lion hunting in London m3

As hyoo discovered Alan, absent  win on the uromiz...

Oh sorry did you mean "not sure what I can do while maintaining exactly the same lifestyle as I have now and not putting myself to any trouble whatsoever"?  In which case, you're right, you've hit peak virtue signalling output.

Yeah it's a weird one Wang. We are definitely in a way the unwitting agents of domesticated animals and food crops, enabling them to comprehensively dominate wild species. Of course the downside for them is that we kill billions of them and the majority of them live pretty bad lives

When human civilization passes we'll leave behind a fossil record containing a truly staggering number of chicken bones

What has my lifestyle to do with wankers who enjoy killing rare animals?

Go and be a ranger to stop the poachers.  By far the group most likely to cause extinctions of the kinds you are concerned about.

I have never seen anyone use the term virtue signaling who wasn't a complete and utter tosser. It is used exclusively by angry little bitter men who get upset by people pointing out the bad shit that they do.

I did consider the phrase when I was typing actually as generally I agree with you Stix.  But this is a genuine bona fide example of virtue signalling.  Literally saying he, and only he, truly cares enough about this issue.  And he's considering going on holiday to make it better.

Not bitter, often angry, and 6 foot two.  Don't mind anyone pointing out the bad sh1t I do.  It's probably why I come to ROF.

You agree with my appreciation of Flanders & Swan?  Not sure why that's relevant, but ok.

"I have never understood the prevailing wisdom that human life is more sacrosanct than other species. There are seven billion of us for god's sake."

I know, I know. Just don't make the same mistake I did and say it to the police before you get your FAC. 

While we're at can we legislate to allow the capital punishment of badgers who kill hedgehogs and ground nesting birds?  Unfortunately we killed all the things that used to kill badgers so we're now overrun with them.

there is powerful (but by no means conclusive) evidence to suggest that the commercialisation of hunting in Africa has kept some species and habitats thriving