Why doesn't Meghan stimulate K8 Middy

You could sell tickets to see them going at each other like a couple of thirsty kittens.

Classic buzz

By the way, when are you going to be passing through for a drink?

Nice work, Buzz.  You'd need a strap[on]line to market the event though.  Sort of like the lezza version of "fill 'em full of dread then drill 'em full of lead". 


How about "Flick each other's beans then lick each other clean"?

Royal pron- why has no one ever thought of it. Hire some look alikes, rent suitable film set (pride and prejudice , Harry Potter) , make pron, cash in

Cool buzz, let us know when you are fixed and we shall convene

Oi - if there's going to be middle aged RoF drinks, I want to know about it!

But surely you’d prefer to come to our drinks instead?