Why doesn't Meghan emulate K8 Middy

this nonsense at Wimbo is not endearing her to the General Public.

Getting her protection officer to ask someone in the same row who's taking pictures of the players not to take pictures of the Duchess as she was there in a private capacity.  Being British the protection officer was apparently embarrassed at having to make the request in the first place.

And what did she propose to do if the punter told her to get bent?

Judy each time you raise this topic I do wonder if you haven’t got other stuff to worry or muse about. Pls explain once and for all, for me to understand: why do you care?

I find it interesting.  It is part of our history and social fabric.

Also I mega heart K6.

I've seen eye witness reports of this that are quite different. Loads of people were taking photos and she was chill, the protection officer told one person to back off when they stuck a long lens practically in her face. 

Wouldn't you object if someone did that to you?  I would. 

but I just don't understand why Meghan is setting herself up like this.  The obvious comparison was with Kate last week sitting at one of the outer courts, being charming and smiley.

Ok and why do you r8 k8? What is it that makes you think highly of her? Something she did? Something she said?

Because she is just so charming and conducts herself with effortless grace, belying a core of steel.  She is the paradigm of what it means to be a British lady.

Oh, I see. 

I think she realises she can’t compete with Kate, but she doesn’t know how to make her own way with all the restraints she now has to put up with being royal. I think she’s out of her depth, but I can’t take to the woman so I don’t have that much sympathy.

Hools version I've read is they had a word with a lady with a phone taking photos who was just along the row and who couldn't physically have taken a photo Meghan if she wanted to given the angles.

I have to say I agree with Judy about K8.

I had my doubts to begin with but she has done a fabulous job in a role I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

She had my absolute respect the day she fronted the media only hours after giving birth.. Not because I encourage that we set ridiculous standards for women but because I cannot imagine how hard that was to do and she did it with a smile.



Effortless grace - she says absolutely nothing, ever. I can do that, too. Will you then admire me? She doesn’t do anything either apart from giving birth and smiling 

In Germany if you have this sort of convo, you are 70+, no exceptions 

I respect Meghan for refusing to do the hospital steps photo call nonsense. Standing upright for any length of time shortly after giving birth is a dicey thing, you're not entirely certain your vagina won't tumble out. 

she says absolutely nothing, ever. I can do that, too. Will you then admire me?


DD. For the record I'd admire you greatly if you said nothing, ever, especially here on RoF.

Now be a good little Duchess and keep quiet.

I have an awful feeling the whole Meghan thing is going to end badly. Very badly.

I just don't think she has what it takes to live in such a confined cage. That said I don't think many people do.



Scylla everyone said the same when Wills married a commoner.

What about pippa „do not feed“ Middleton? You haven’t analyzed her life for a while now. 

I don’t think they did. Kate had a) been on the fringes for years and had time to understand what she was getting into and b) is British so had more of an understanding of royalty and all the crap that goes with it.

Pippa isn't going to be the mother of the future king, but having said that I loved the outfit that she wore earlier in the week at Wimbledon.

You’re not doing very well at this not saying anything lark, are you duchess?

K5 had all that doors to manual  / wisteria sisters crap to put up with, but you never saw her publicly losing it over all that teasing.

You know what, for the first and probably only time, what DD King said.

The photos I saw were of a man literally shoving a camera phone a few inches from her face to take a photo, and Meghan feeling very uncomfortable.

Reality is that K8 has more security and no one is getting that close to her.  It's a media stitch up to paint Meghan as "weird".

K8 always strikes me as braindead so I guess its easier to suck up the nonsense because it just goes over her immaculately coiffed head.  Why anyone would rate any of these people is beyond me.  Its not part of history or social fabric.  Its mindless guff.

The only thing I have to say on this is that K8 is far sexier than MM who I expect is also a total bore in the sack. 

See I take the opposite view as don't think Kate is particularly attractive and my experience is that American ladies tend to be rather more open minded.

I reckon sailo has actually modelled his whole life from harry enfield sketches

He seems to be channelling 2018 tecco atm*



*a contraction of “at the moment” for the avoidance of all possible doubt

Don't know how intrusive the person was, and I can understand why she would be annoyed if it was indeed intrusive, but "I'm here in my personal capacity" is a rather unconvincing response. I would ask her "And did you obtain these seats in your personal capacity?"

I would quite like to have a Kate middy urinal, her in her wedding gown, smiling her smile, in porcelain, and you can piss on her gown which would form a semicircle. Would make a great urinal in a Brit-piss take-themed pub

Good Morning Britain did a lengthy piece on this today and they interviewed in the studio the offending lady who happened to previously be a BBC tv reporter. She was taking photos of serena serving and it would have been impossible for her to photo Meghan . And as others said the other guy was taking a selfie of himself with the court in the background.

she is proving to be a right pain in the arse and I fear it will all end badly , very badly .

I thought that in a public place no one has a right to stop photographs being taken anyway. 

not sure its a public place, am sure there are T&Cs attached to admission, be interesting what they say if anything on this point.

Whole thing is just a ridiculous media story out of a non story bollocks

Their rules state that photography must not inconvenience others.  Usefully broad wording there.

What PP said . Good morning Britain gave her a right kicking mostly justified in my opinion .

and what PP said, sorry Meg but you gave that one up when you married into the RF.

ROFs alt-right wymin sniping at the pretty girl non-shocka 

They’re both pretty in a weird sort of “picture pretty” way but neither are hornsome.  And for me that’s unusual because I prefer ladies of colour.  I bet she does Alan too, still doesn’t evoke the slightest interest from me. 

I am sure she loses sleep over this on a regular basis.  Konta and Robson sandwich for me, all the way. 

I do enjoy nauseating old Zero.

Little concerned that DD seems to have some weird K8 water sports fetish going on.

Very stereotypically German though, nicht war?

*nicht wahr*

look, i would piss on her gown not her face

Heh @ Judo as the voice of the general public.

She should go to watch AFC Wimbledon instead if she wants to endear herself to the general public.

Kate is a total Stepford wife.  The stupid rictus grin she has plastered on her face shows that.  Totally dead eyes though.


Meghan is a pain in the arse who is far too precious and non-conformist.  Expect Phil The Greek to give Car Crash Order Code Blue shortly after second child arrives.

Does anyone think when she had a blind date arranged with Harry, it would have got beyond date one if she discovered Harry was a deputy assistant payroll level 2 , group c supervisor working at Capita in Basingstoke?

serious question 


She claims she had no idea who he was or who the blind date was with. Personally can’t see her rocking up to a blind date without knowing anything whatsoever?

ebitda - that sounds like a typically insincere Yank li[n]e.  Of course she knew who he was, because she's a paranoid narcissist.

Seriously why do any of you lot care about this shit?


'tv star' Teccy, I dont remmeber her in Suits, but I only watched the first series before I got bored

Who would you rather catch in the bathroom flicking their bean, K7 or Meghan? 


Abbster, you are exempt from answering this one.

I Normally would say I wood Meghan but I saw an episode of „suits“ where she opened her mouth and spoke

DD King10 Jul 19 10:52

Effortless grace - she says absolutely nothing,



Served her and Mossy (whom I also mega mega love) very well indeed.

Yeah I don’t really watch that sort of tv, I was just going on what I’d read about her “starring” in suits so assumed that made her a star of some sort.

Who is mossy?

you can slag off Mutti all you like I’m somewhat tired of her anyway. 

Gabriel Macht - PPHHHHHWWWOOOOOOARRR is who makes Suits.

Kate Moss, the supermodel, DD.

I remember one line from that episode where she says she likes legal research - massive turn off I’m sure we’re in agreement?

Oh I’d rather Meghan than Kate Moss who looks like a boy

i hate Kate Moss and would prefer to converse with the aforementioned royals 

Man, you are so hard to please, DD!!


Why the hell do you hate Kate Moss?  One of hte most beautiful women of our generation, who also likes to party,.

You’re weird judo

what did „mossy“ ever do or say that earned your respect? She is vile

What are your feelings on Monica Bellucci, circa L'Apartement?

Why not Kate winslet? She at least has a brain and interests beyond partying 

I r8 k8 Moss.  She looks like she’d be amazingly fun to hang out with.  Stunning and unique too, unlike those royal clones. 

Bellucci is a goddess.  Was, is and always will be.  I would crawl belly-down over 30 yards of broken glass just to put a matchstick in her turd.  Does that answer your question, Judo?

Moss has had countless mouthfuls of royal penii, Tecco.  A bit like Tara Palmer-Tompkinson and "Lady" Victoria Hervey.

Badderz, I was actually talking to DD,. who seems to have extremely exacting standards.

You have this gemma arterton woman who is fit and this ex from Jason statham with big boobs, also fit

Anyway, Judo, answer the question:  who wold you rather walk in on in the toilet whilst flicking their bean: K3 or Meghan?

I have no desire to walk in on any lady masturbating.

according to a Swiss actress I met, Monica now has to wear a wig, but I think that she remains super beautiful even now in her 50s

Badders- I’m not exactly a virgin either, that doesn’t put me off what I said earlier.

Judo, ok forget the fact that you're not a lezbatron and answer the question, based on your perception of which one would be more likely to go sex nuts and retard strong and force you to climax whilst frenziedly going down on you in an attempt (which you will never mention to anyone, but ever forget either) to turn you to the dark side?




Moss got no tits, in conjunction with this bored, yet provocative look in her eyes. A right pain in the arse