Why does anyone become a regulatory lawyer?

This offering is available only to those persons zzz...

I have a couple of friends who have left criminal bar to do this. They are getting married, want to start a family and want low stress, regular hours etc. 

Presumably depends where you are regging no? If you fux up and cause the bank to lose 200 million in CASS fines or whatever sure that sort of reg law must be a bit stressful no?

Low risk.

Low stress.

Endless, endless new regulation to monetise.

And advices and disclsimers to recycle

Sometimes touches interesting areas/politics

I got paid to spend a year talking aboit Brexit. It was a bit like roffing.

I think I may pick up thay new EU Crypto Directive and blag being a crypto lawyer …

Beats the stress of making sure transactional documents are delivered fast and accurately.

Tbf I do still get sweaty palms about one medium sized fund manager that got a 166 a few months after closing.

But not been sued yet. Just say what you see and dont forget careful scoping and disclaimers. 

And actually point out some of the problems, obvs.