why aren't saunas more ubiquitous in the UK?

they are awesome

we all ought to saune

to many mingers

it's a very prudist and repressed country 

infrastructure is not there

culture is anti health/wellness

long work hours make people want to get home rather than detour to sport centre and sweat for an hour

I have my own sauna here at the house. 

I love it… but if you look at my electricity bill you can very easily tell which days I used it.. they are costly to run. 

My solar production feeds directly back to the grid. I have no means of storing power on site and the cost for doing so is $$$$z 

My power company pays me peanuts for the electricity I generate and then charges me full whack for what they supply back to me. 

It’s ridiculously shit. So even though I may produce more electricity than I use.. I pay 10 times and much as I ‘earn’ for it. 

They’re not much fun are they. Why pay money to sit in a unpleasantly hot small room. It’s not like you can even red the paper or easily distract yourself with a podcast. I don’t get the appeal. At all.

Sumo, you’re  wrong about wellness. It’s def a trend even in the UK. But not via saunas 

There’s one at my local wild swimming place. Keep meaning to try it but you need it to be warm enough to swim without a wetsuit, otherwise it gets a bit logistically complicated.