why are second-hand EV prices tanking?

e.g. on Autotrader there's a 2022 Taycan 4s cross-turismo with £14k of claimed extras (so original price of £109k - base price £95k), selling for £71k.  And another for £73k.  That sort of depreciation is weird for porsche.  

Are they just no good, or is the EV market failing, or just the economy going under?

How much would you pay for something which may act as a low emission economic form of personal conveyance but may also burn your house down and turn you and your nearest and dearest into a k8nd of sludgy Ash?

Hell yeah. Might be more frequent with Teslas but anything with a lithium ion battery might go into runaway. The many buses that have lost their shit and scattered flaming metal metres away like school chemistry lab magnesium demonstrations weren't Teslas.

I think it's more the worry that you're buying a knackered battery and Tesla's aggressive price cuts haven't helped. Was pretty shocked to see how much (little) my (relatively new) car would now fetch.

The one hammond crashed in croatia (i think) kept catching fire for 7 days afterwards.  Tbf he had driven it off a cliff which probably invalidates the warranty

Is it a combo of people having less money, interest rates pushing up the cost of pcp deals and the fact that people are still concerned about the life span of batteries 

Reckon punters are starting to think best to leave it a while before buying and in a few years battery technology will have improved so that we can go much greater distances between charges and more in line with what a tank of petrol will deliver.

Buzz, do fook off.

There are more petrol car / petrol station fires than EV fires.  I've seen two petrol cars on fire in the last year, and have never seen an EV engulfed in flames...never seen a Li-on battery fire despite having smartphones and those suckers RIGHT NEXT TO MY HEAD.

I say that as someone who owns an EV and home battery (heat pump, and solar).


If you are buying a high end racing machine (and I have) you go petrol 

You are a mug if you buy a high end EV given how much the tech is changing 

I'd be a leccy run around like a Renault Zoe or something but not a racing machine 

Heh. A proper bite!

Trouble is with EV fires is that, as rare as they might be, when they happen they happen properly and are absolute fookers to extinguish often taking up to 20 tonnes of water to put out a car.

Li-ion fires seem to be almost a daily occurrence in the UK - usually shitty scooters not cars obvs. 

I'm not about to charge my Bluetti powerbank when I'm not in the house anytime soon.


This is all about the availability of charging. If that can be sorted the safety will improve further. All the time ppl have to run a line across the pavement thru their letterbox it’s a no from me Kenneth.

The price of so called sustainability atm is a joke. If governments are so keen on it, where are the volksframes to replace my car, boiler, fridge??? A state backed JV could sort this all in months. There are the obvious players who would kill for that sort of volume to say nothing of a place in history. But no, Work Experience and his cabinet racist gang just empty the nation’s coffers into their mates’ banks and laugh at us.

Isn't it most likely to do with tax incentives? Loads of top-end EVs shifted at full-whack retail price to high earners because of massive salary sacrifice savings. 

What's the used market for those likely to be? Most people who want a high-end Porsche can probably get a new one on a similar scheme. 

For those incapable of lifting the Tory BS scales from their eyes, the UK economy is fooked. This is obvious in electrical retailers' sales being massively down, BA extending its sale etc. etc. Most people in the UK cannot afford more than a £15k car, but have been renting £50k plus cars for the last decade+. In the early 2000s, seeing a new car on the street was a relatively unique thing, as only people that could come up with the cash or get a company car could get one.

There's a fair chance this car is a repossessed PCP, or a pre-reg the dealer was confident they could shift last year, but Truss and Bailey have made sure nobody is prepared to blow up to £100k on a car. 

Isn't much of the EV market company car and there will be an awful lot coming off 3 year leases to an under-developed second hand-market where there remains significant distrust in battery longevity.

A lot of used EVs now on sale are first generation. They are shit compared with what new EVs offer. Anyone remember the Jaguar iPace? Car if the Year … in 2019. Barely register now. 

Royalty, my recollection of GCSE Chemistry is that hydrogen is more of a "squeaky pop" than an explosion. 



For the purposes of this joke, please ignore Hindenburg and the British equivalent. 

Because battery prices are falling off a cliff and the Chinese are coming, so new EVs cost less bucks for the same bang.

Tesla have cut their prices about 5 times this year.

MG4s are down to £24k for the base model.


Take the Corsa-e.

A decent enough small EV.

200 miles of range, 100kw charging, 0-60 in 8 secs. Good city runaround.

Doesn't look as nice as its sister the Peugeot 208-e but basically the same car.

It was selling at £32k-£38k 2 years ago. That's still their RRP

But you can buy a brand new latest spec one from stock for under £20k.

So no surprise that you can get plenty of 2 year old ones for £14k.