Why are no proper Brexiteers standing for the Tory leadership?

Raab and even Esther voted for May's deal, albeit on the final attempt under huge pressure. Why have no hardcore No Dealers like Anne-Marie Morris put their names forward?

Although she often seems a bit "merry" in her interviews. Too much sherry.

Simple a hard core no deal will bring down the government and most Tory MPs will be out on their fat arses.  Tory MPs know this.

Cos turkeys, even the more swivel eyed ones, don't generally tick the box marked "Chrimbo".

because there is a direct correlation between enthusiasm for brexit and sanity?

Because all the Tory candidates know that the majority of the membership are labouring under the spectacularly dumb idea that no deal is not only viable, but also in some fantastical way desirable.

Consequently the candidates are falling over each other to make sure that should they make the final two, that they are all making the right noises about leaving on WTO terms come what may.

Everyone also knows that once said candidate bags the gig, that no deal isn't happening. They don’t want it, and the parliamentary machinery as a whole will step in and prevent it happening.

This is all a panto to appeal to the blue-rinsed little englanders that make up the Tory membership.


None of them think "no deal" is viable, because the Establishment has spent 3 years brainwashing them into believing it's not.

What's the matter Dux, are none of the candidates promising/threatening to take us out with no deal (possibly by proroguing parliament) swivel eyed enough for your liking?

None of them think "no deal" is viable, because the Establishment has spent 3 years brainwashing them into believing it's not.

Or alternatively, because it actually isn't.

It doesn’t really matter what they believe about no deal, they all know that parliament won’t let no deal happen without a GE or a referendum.

They’re just hamming it up for the membership. 

Like most of the last 3 years this is all about the Tory civil war, and it’s being inflicted on all of us.



I'm not sure what actually happens from a legal point of view if the new leader actually tries to prorogue parliament until the end of October though.

I worked at 2 law firms where Anne Marie Morris was involved in the marketing. At both firms she happened to give the department a talk which went down badly with overworked associates. So I wouldn't vote for her.

Bercow has already said the idea of doing it is for the birds.

It’s his last year - he’s effectively said he’s staying on to make sure no deal doesn’t happen.



I'm just wondering about the legal mechanics of it. If you were the PM trying to make it happen, how would you go about it, and if you were parliament/Bercow trying to stop it, how would you stop it?

Or could a member of the public JR a decision by the prime minister to prorogue parliament?

Lady P any government trying would lose a vote of no confidence - there can be little doubt about that.

If parliament has been prorogued, can they vote on anything?

Prorogation occurs by the Speaker reading out the announcement.

I presume he would simply delay prorogue-ing until he'd given someone a chance to put forward a vote of no confidence.  Though I'm not quite sure of the interplay between the FTP Act and that.

I mean that would be massively unconstitutional - but that hasn't stopped him to date.

Heh, so Bercow has basically said, "I'm not standing down this summer after all and I'm not doing what is necessary to prorogue parliament so suck on that, bitchez"?

I think that's about right Lady P.  The prorogue-ing thing was always a bit of a joke though as its putting the PM directly up against the queen.

On an entirely unrelated and non-cynical note I can imagine a massive ramping up of the Tory party's concern over the bullying allegations made in relation to the Speaker, assuming one of the bigger head bangers takes over.

I would go about taking control of commons agenda and passing a bill requiring the prime minister to ask the EU for an extension until say six months after the results of either a 2nd ref or a general election, or alternatively requiring the prime minister to revoke art 50 notice

pretty much as Keir Starmer has just announced he is going to start this week

game on

I wish the Queen would just make him prime minister.

That Hilary Benn fellow seems decent. Shame he didn't inherit his father's views on the evil of the EU.

heh, this could really put the cat among the pigeons for the tory leadership election

*squints at Casmurro*

Anne-Marie Morris used to be my boss. She was an absolute fucking liability then.


Anyone Dux thinks is "a legend" probably needs to be sectioned.

So the new definition of ‘legend’ is now ‘someone who would struggle to be recognised in their own constituency’ is it?

Well they say that one of the strengths of English is that it is constantly evolving.

Lady Penelope11 Jun 19 17:08

Anyone Dux thinks is "a legend" probably needs to be sectioned.

TBF Clergs already has been.