who is your favourite drummer?

following on from the drum solo thread...

1. Steward Copeland

2. Wrigglesworth

3. Mo Tucker

what do you call someone who hangs around with musicians...

1980s and 90s Larry Mullen Jr, also a pant wettlingly handsome man 

Keith Moon

Mitch Mitchell

Dave Grohl

The one from def leppard with only one arm

Never really notice drummers, I am sure some are very skilled but just background to me.

The best drummers are exactly that Guy. They want to make the song great, not be prima donnas.

Jeff Porcaro, Russ Kunkel, Steve Gadd, Steve Ferrone, Robbie Magruder, Iain Bayne, Ian Wallace, Jim Gordon etc.  A few of these are now dead, sadly.

Reni from the Stone Roses. Bonus points for being the only one of the lads not to age like a rotting prune.


Stewart Copeland was a good shout from the OP. Also nominate Carl Palmer. And Dave Lombardo, man could he kick.

Art Blakey

Clyde Stubblefield

Tony Allen


Nate Smith  

Larnell Lewis

Probably not a popular vote but Phil Collins in his day was incredible - his technique, versatility and shear number of collaborations.

Good shouts for Gadd and Copeland.   

i agree about Collins actually.  His work when Gabriel was still singing leads was fantastic.

I also like Collins as a vocalist - likely an even less popular opinion.  Not his solo work, but with Genesis.  He's surprisingly accomplished.

Can't disagree with people above, particularly Phil Collins, Moon, Copeland. A couple of other interesting ones:

Carlton Barrett was an excellent drummer with a real signature style (listen to the roll into any of Bob Marley's tracks). On the punk scene Rob Heaton was one of the few drummers who was so metronomic that he didn't need a click track, which really blew away the producer Glynn Johns but while he was technically excellent, I don't think he was that creative. 

No love for Gene Krupa? For shame. 

Who was Slipknot's drummer?

There is a lot of Gene Krupa style in Keith Moon when you watch them. 

Elvin Jones is mesmerising.  Ginger Baker too.