Who is the most famous living person in the world now?

tricky one would usually say whoever was US president but Biden is relatively low profile.

I reckon more people would recognise and name the Queen than the Pope or the current President.

I tend to agree Trump is now the most recognisable person on the planet.

There are 1.36 billion Roman Catholics (approx. 20% of the population). They could all name Pope Frankie for a start. 

take away the hat and garb then who would even recognise, let alone be able to name, the pope? 

If we were to count up the number of people who would be able to name a person from a picture, then Xi would probably get the most. 

The last King of England was King Billy - bit of a stretch to say he’s the most famous person in the world. In parts of Glasgow and Belfast perhaps.

I think the Queen would have beaten Xi.  Have you seen the foriegn press? Her death was front page in every country in the world, not sure same could be said for Xi.

That bloke in that film about the thing. You know, he was in that TV programme too. You know.... bloody hell you know. No not him. He was also in Willow or that weird one that Sean Connery got his cõck out in. 

is this restricted to the UK? In which case nether Kim Jong-Un nor Pres Xi would be the most well-known.

But there are billions of chinese people and people living in asian countries who would.recognise Xi.

Guy, the queen is dead now, FYI. RTQ.   

yeah, soz, didnt make sense to bring the queen back into it Kimmy.  I reckon Trump would trump Xi.

*pops on conspiracy nutter hat*

Elvis, though I suppose technically he doesn't qualify as he's living with the others in the reptilian moon-base

I reckon Obama.

Xi gets the Chinese vote, but unless they're into foreign affairs others won't know him.

The pope is only going to be known to Catholics. There are a lot of them, but I don't think the average non Catholic could name him. Same problem as Xi.

Putin is a good shout, but I suspect that large parts of the world just don't give a damn. What does the average South American, Indian or African care about what a regional power likes Russia is doing.

Like other people have said, Biden is a bit low profile for a US president.

Trump is obviously more recent than Obama and has his celebrity status. However, I think Obama might edge it because of the sheer amount of publicity that came with being the first non-white president. I bet that also gets him a much larger level of name recognition in the non-white world even among those who aren't really political.

"There is no King of England.


Well I live in England, and I have a King.

Newsflash: there's a King of Scotland too. 

Biden and the Pope, for sure

loads and loads of catbolics, and anyone american is famous eh

Messi/Ronaldo, I think you'd be hard pushed to find someone who didn't know/hadn't heard of one of those two or what they did, across a greater degree of age ranges than, say, Obama.

Been thinking about this. King Chas. Famous for 70 years in his own right, mega famous mother, mega famous ex wife, famous son. Big ears. 

What counts as famous here?  If it is 'you show people a photo and they know his name' then there is no way it is the Pope.  If the answer 'the Pope' counts then maybe he is in the running if he is wearing full Papal regalia in the photo but that is more the office being famous than the man. Otherwise he has no chance. It's definitely Putin or Trump for the win. Probably Trump.