Who on here knows about the current regulatory framework for UK solicitors or can recommend a respective law firm?

I have some questions

Nobody is going to have a bloody clue what you want from your OP. 

I have questioins about qualifying in the UK in the current framework

Agree the OP is confusing but if you’re looking for law firms that advise on the regulatory framework governing solicitors, I think Kingsley Napley do some of that sort of thing. No idea what they’re like though. 

Just look on the regulator’s website and stop advertising your stupidity.

In all seriousness you're likely to get better answers on this board and for free (unless your question involves lots of documents and background information etc)

  • DD King planning to in NI, Scotland, and E&W.
  • Exhausting for a mindraped doper.

If your question is about qualifying in the UK don't think you need a law firm maybe contact the law society or SRA.

DD King 


Post a couple of (anon) questions: maybe we can help.. 

What do you mean UK solicitors?

E&W, Scots, NI? Which ones?

Which roffer are you trying to refer for bringing the profession into disrepute?