Which iPhone should I buy?

I've been rocking the 6 for... well... christ... 6 years!! And now that the new ones have 5G I'm satisfied it'll be sufficiently future to proof to hopefully last me another 6...

They are certainly more expensive than they were 6 years ago and it's hard to decide just how much one ought to spaff on these things. The pro is prettier so I guess it has to be that. But do I need the biggest hard drive? And do I need the max? I just don't know.


Forget storage if you are in a 5g area. Go for the highest specs without the ludicrously expensive storage option. You only need enough storage for Netflix/podcast downloads on holiday and photos until you cloud upload.

Phones are still massive value for how much we use them tbf.

Hard drive?!?!?!?!?

Get back to the last century

And actually not even then

Elffi old son, you know what I meant.

Currently have 128Gb and whilst it's not full, it's not super empty either. I'm guessing the file size of the photos on these new phones will be fairly hefty if they're all fancy and if I want to do videos n stuff it could get eaten up quite quickly. 

The max has the best photo capabilities and I suppose if it it were really super I might not be so tempted to spaff more money on a separate dSLR type jobby.

I dunno...

Re vuvu, might as well get it over and done with innit.

I have the XR which I love but I’ll upgrade to the 11 next year. Am not bothered by having the absolute latest when it comes out! 

Heh at the fact that the new iPhone won't even include a charger. Stick another 20 or 30 quid on top of the extortionate phone cost. 

I have a 6 and it’s decided it’s a landline now, had to be permanently plugged in. I’ll probably get myself an 11 once this new one is released.

I have thon 7 plus and shes a grand wee yoke so she is but I might get this here new one so i might. Looks a quare phone so it does.

I've had my 256gb iphone 8 for 2 years now and would like a better camera

but all the newer options don't seem to have the storage (or its too spenny) which I still like

let us know what you go for

My 7 is still doing a grand job and I've used less than half the 128GB.

I hate the way that they seem to make changes from one version to the next just for the sake of making changes. Not having a separate earphone plug, the ear tampons, etc. The real improvements always seem to be in the camera and that has already hit the point of diminishing returns for me.

Ugh. Need to decide by tomorrow so I can order like a motherfvcker! They do all sound stupidly expensive but I guess I spend a lot more time on it than my MacBook Pro and that cost a lot more again...


My S20 ultra 5G arrived by courier 15 mins ago

New shiny thing make everything better

Er...how come no one is talking about the Nokia 3310?

I’m getting the 12 in 6.1” with max storage. I don’t need the pro specs and can’t bring myself to pay $350 more because the pro looks better.

Just waiting for Pre-sales to start now.

My phone was also an ancient 6 but I lost it a few weeks ago so I’m keen to get the replacement ordered....

What’s the difference between the 12 and 12 pro? Slightly better camera just?

I would stick with the 6, which doesnt as i understand it work with the NHS tracing app.  Sorry officer, I just use it to make phone calls and send pictures of my wuwu to people with chickens.

This sounds like the GTI, SRI, SE, STDI badging of 80’s cars.  All at the moment are very much the same.  You just have to choose between Vuvu and Hoohoo.

My 6 is starting to get a bit slow and the battery is fooked. Definitely time for an upgrade. I think the camera gets better the more you pay and footage does look good from the top grade but I reckon you'd probably need the right lighting and a degree in filmmaking type stuff to pull that level shit off.

And I don't send anything to people with chickens. That is so 2019!