Which is the best vegetable?

For the purposes of this survey, fungi, legumes and fruits that are tomatoes are all included.

Perhaps just use anything that isn't meat and can't go with custard or be made into alcohol.

Well done to Dux for resisting temptation and playing this with a straight bat.

Probably tomatoes with an honourable mention to occasional asparagus.


chestnut mushrooms


green beans with garlic

creamed spinach

green giant original sweetcorn

Surprised no-one's mentioned Chris Grayling tbh.

Do have a fondness for organically grown brassicas. 

The only question that 'cavolo nero' is the correct answer to is 'what is that minging, tough, Italian cabbage stuff they flog for stupid money in poncy shops in Fulham'.

The actual answer to the question in the OP is (roasted) parsnip with really fresh early season kidney beans straight from the garden, steamed and served with butter and black pepper a close second. 


On a couldntlivewithoutthem basis: onions

But do love a leek

Is the answer a black man’s c**k?

This post has been brought to you by the Fast Show c1995

Another vote for watercress.

In the words of ‘Chef’  - “It’s packed full of vitamins and good for you.”

Potatoes, you can cook them in so many ways, I doubt there is a more versatile veg.

I feel sorry for red peppers and carrots.

Also lobster.