Where is Jeremy Corbyn?

His party is in meltdown, the tories are imploding and yet where the fuck is he? 

"a spokesperson for him said......"

Has he realised that he is in way out of his depth and is hiding, or is he such an arrogant tit that he doesn't think he need to bother appearing or saying anything about all this stuff? 



Yeah I think he’s happy not to engage with the “MSM”, there’s always another rally to attend

So far as I can see his last media interview was on 9 July when he announced the new labour brexit mess. 

What leader would sit by and let this shitshow go on without any comment? 

oh and on 7 July he did a tabloid photoshoot in a park with a trainer to prove his not "frail". 


I'm sure it's not because the Glorious Leader has had a stroke. That's just civil service mischief.

Fvck knows, he needs to go - the lack of decently led opposition to the clusterfvck that is the Tory party is disgrace.

I think he might pack it in, all this hassle is far too much like work for someone like Corbyn

That's not fair, wibble. Apparently, he's an absolute viking at dealing with AS complaints. I've heard he can resolve dozens in the space of a few seconds.

Frankly, I can only conclude that you are jealous of his skillz in that regard.

Other "stuff"? No, not so much. Until he's allowed to set up the gulags. Then I think we will find him remarkably efficient.

He's a bit busy right now, frantically deleting Facebook and Twitter posts.