Where the fuck is Stru

because I see his bitcoin rally has turned into a 4K drop and I wanted to poke him with a stick and say "meyh! meyh!"


Hahaha, I'm here. 

Course there was going to be a retrace - it went up like 60% in a week. It's a lot even by BTC standards. It's still up 30% in the last month and 250% in the last few months. 

Or as we say in the crypto world, rockets are refuelling..

Do you guys buy/sell btc and other cryptos as when you think its cheap/expensive or do you follow some plan? 

If one has a few powerful computers with super powerful graphics cards (twin titans) is it worth bothering to give mining this stuff a chance?  Given that I get free electricity?

I don't trade a lot, mostly buy and hold for the long(ish) term. 

When I trade there's a plan on a case-by-case basis because I have some reason to think the price will go up or down (for example, there's almost certain to be retrace after a run up like we had last week). 


Teclis, if your electricity is free, nothing to lose, although don't expect it to make you wealthy at this scale (just be prepared for questions about why your electricity consumption has shot through the roof). You won't be mining bitcoin (which basically requires special purpose chips and rigs these days) but there are hundreds of mineable coins and websites which track the ones that are most profitable to mine for any given electricity cost (which can change on a daily basis). 

Lots of howtos online. You can check the r/ethermining sub on reddit about mining the No.2 coin after Bitcoin but like I said - there are literally hundreds. 

Yeah got loads of solar panels on Tecco Towers and the stupid way it works is that I lose about 30% on the inverter when it uploads to the grid, but as I’m not living there that represents a lot of wasted money.  I’ll have a look into that source you mentioned thanks.

Apparently loads of Albanian gangster types have started hooking computers up to street lights etc and are running massive mining operations for free

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