Where does Nigel Farage rank

He must be up there as one of the most effective politicians of recent times? Granted he isn't everyones cup of tea but without him we wouldn't have this mess 

By ‘effective’ I presume you mean ‘disruptive’?

Because as a politician he should actually be dealing with the affairs of the state, which he has never done, so certainly shouldn’t be considered effective in that role. 

All he had done is rabble rouse, spout off a load of empty rhetoric and appeal to the emotions of disillusioned people.

You don’t have to be clever or consistent when the electorate is retarded and you have the opportunity to study said retards for over two decades

he's not an effective politician, he's failed to get elected on numerous occassions to any but the most forgotten corner of democractic representation

he hasn't managed to do anything on brexit, Cameron, Boris and Gove did all that and he is empirically shown to push voters away. 

he's just a reality TV personality who sells fear to pensioner who we know, from the amount of bad plumbing, ill fitting gas boilers, equity release schemes, half tarmaced drives, nigerian scam emails and dodgy carriage clocks are prone to buying any completely transparent con


Wot Dash said.

I would put him up there with Joe Chamberlain, Enoch and Tony Benn, as those who effected change from outside the inner cabal of power.

Because as a politician he should actually be dealing with the affairs of the state,

Surely his first position should be dealing with the affairs of the electorate who voted him in and if the promotion and resolution of their affairs differ from what any concensus of what is good for the state then so be it.  

Also, as I have said previously, Farrage is an astute & dangerous guy who picks his fights very carefully and so should not be ignored or dismissed as a buffoon.

"These weren’t really his people"

Oh but they are Farage's followers, because he "gets" them. That's the trouble with these bloody people. These Islington-dwelling Guardian journos think they're on the side of the working man, just because they belonged to the Maoist Society at Sussex University, and eschew private education for their children, and employ Bulgarian nannies, and adopt a Mockney accent, and purport to be football fans by supporting Dulwich Village or some similar joke-shop outfit. The sort of people whose only contact with the working man is when they call someone in to change the lightbulb in their minimalist bathroom. This whole Brexit saga is a wake up call to those of glib, I'm-alright-Jack, anyone-but-England, metrosexual, EU-marching TWATS

That’s not what politician means.  As a politician he should be dealing with matters of the state, wherever he is elected.  But he never bothers, he isn’t interested in helping govern, all he is interested in is Britain leaving the EU.

Ergo I venture that he isn’t a politician at all, he is simply a rabble rouser (and he is very effective at that) so let’s call it as it is.  

So in order words, perfectly qualified for the esteemed post of Deputy Prime Minister then?

Deputy PM is a member of the government.

He hasn’t done that and he won’t because once you get past the oily pompous exterior you’ll find nothing of substance other than “leave eu”.  It’s like buying a packet of revels and discovering that they’re all Maltesers.  Urgh.

Dux of the three politicians you list I think only Joe Chamberlain had any real impact on politics. Benn and Enoch were arguably intellectually brilliant but had little impact on politics. Lots of nice sound bites, but given how intelligent (if misguided) they were they were failures.

Enoch changed the tone of public discourse at the very least.

Conservative-Brexit coalition puts Nigel in the government, as Deputy PM.

BJPM will need the seats to form a majority, and NFDPM will be the price.

Rofl and where in unicorn land is this constituency that is going to vote mr toad into parliament? Given how many times he has tried and failed pathetically.