When you see a partner singling out the same person again and again

for criticism, regardless of whether or not it is justified (mostly not in this case), what do you do to help?

I used to work for a guy who was like that (to me).

I was once giving a presentation in front of about 200 people and it got to the any questions bit and he said (in a really nasty Posh East Belfast accent) "yeah clergs but what about [impossibly obscure question I obviously hadn't thought of]"

I brazened it out and afterwards several people separately told me it was awful how he had it in for me.

Anyway, the woman who helped me in the end actually got me a job elsewhere, which I love. She also took me for hot chocolate once when I was crying.

I think the tldr is "you probably cant do anything direct but just try to be nice and supportive"

what do you do to help?

Well, you obviously stand slightly behind and to the side of the Partner, jigging about from foot to foot and  pointing at the culprit shouting...

"yea, take that u useless wanka"


Got to get your priorities right.

Pass them the details of some chinnies. Nothing will change.