When you hit 55

You start getting all sorts of letter to scare you from the NHS


I am having as camera up my arse tomorrow morning at 8.30, I have to have a good douche an hour before hand, and you can look on a monitor as it makes it's journey up your colon!!!

Nice start to the weekend


They actually instruct you to douche??

Fuck that shit. So to speak.

They send you a pouchette with the douche liquid and a tube through the post

I'd prefer that to my past experience of having a camera shoved somewhere else and watching on a monitor as it went through my prostate.


I have just recieved a text cancelling my appointment tomorrow due to flooding!

I now have to go on the 22nd June, I could be dead by then

Flooding of your colon or the hospital? can you use the long case clock as a floatation aid until we can send help?