When will you go back home and work and settle in the place you were born/raised

I ask this because a few of my friends often say they are going home for the weekend, and I do get a tad jealous when they say that .

and also a few who are considering moving back and getting a local job or having a long commute as they can’t stand London anymore. This seems strange when you are between 29 and 35, single (ish) and have no children. One very high earning bazza friend is moving back to Yorkshire just so he can buy a trophy gaff for life . Seems bizarre his practice is solely in London.

Never for me. Had the option to do this back in 2009 but moved to the coast instead

I will always live in Edinburgh now

Feel a bit depressed about this tbh

I feel like the opportunities for change and improvement came when I was too urg to seize them

Sometimes I fantasise about moving to the sea but I don't think I've got the personality to slide into a new small community

clegs m8 you owe it to yourself to live in London for a few years

I can perhaps understand if you are desperate to get on the property ladder, but at what price a 2 and a half commute each way. 

Another uni mate who is a SC real estate senior associate, has a 2 bed flat in a swank part of south west London. He is tired of living in flats so intends to buy a house In Berkshire where he is from . He will then get a job with a shoosmiths or similar as he believes he will get the same quality of work, no commute and he wins all round.

no end of people have told him he just won’t get the same work or clients, but a house chinny has assured him he will.

heh, I had no money, no job and nowhere to live - I also knew I didn't want to be in London

too old and prone to debilitating sensations of loneliness, merk

maybe if I had a do-over I would try

so glad I'm not from Middlesborough or sthg

oh, and yes, to an extent - I love where I am location wise, but I wish that the circumstances that keep me there (parental health) were different

NTF I remember you once saying you had been in London for twelve (?) years and "you get less for murder".


I found this really profound and I think it has affected me (in a good way mostly, it felt wise).


Anyway sorry if it weirds you out that I will probably recall a throwaway thing you said until I die.

Was born in London, still live in London, can't see me ever living anywhere else tbh

Not sure I would ever go back. Very little family and friends there now, not really any jobs I want to do. On this occasions I am actually able to spend time in my own place it is about an hour from where I grew up and would have to drive past to get to my place. There just isn't really anything there for me anymore. 

If I had to live anywhere other than London, I would kill myself with an axe to the perineum. 

No, there's not much difference between Surrey, where I live, or North Yorkshire, where I was born and grew up. I hardly know anyone up there now anyway.

Yeah, North Yorkshire and Surrey, virtually indistinguishable.

There will come a time when i am sick and tired of living in flats , no matter how nice they maybe . My parents will retire to Gloucestershire where we have had a house for ever mainly due to my mother’s work. 

I wont be moving there ever as nice as it is . Can see myself moving to Surrey ( not sure Kingston and the small surrounding towns count) but it will have to be a max 45 mins train journey, but somewhere nearer than Guildford.

I'll be doing this in the next year or so as I've always been a country boy and never planned to stay in London this long.  Will initially look to work from home some of the time and commute when I need to be in the office.  Also having a standing invitation from a friend to use his spare room in town if I ever need it which I might do if working late or just fancy a few pints with him.

Once the parents have gone then I'll move to somewhere closer to the sea.

There's perfectly decent work around with provincial firms unless you really value being able to shout about how you worked on some deal that's in the paper.  

A lot of people from my old hood seem to be moving back... and it's proper up north, not some little shire. In some ways it's tempting... it reminds me of a simpler life when there wasn't so much to do and all your friends were relatively close by. And if I moved there I could afford a proper grown up house with lots of space in a period style. I was actually thinking about this the other day... if I did, my house would then be fancier than my Mum's, and it's likely that everyone would come round to mine for Christmas rather than going to hers... that's proper adulting right there!

Best I stay in my pokey broken flat in London.

sals, yeah I know there is plenty of good work in the provinces, but he is persuaded the work won't change at all, he is also told by said house chinny he could be appointed a partner within a year max because of his background etc.  And wont have to take a pay cut! Many of have said to him the chinny wants an easy fee, and will tell you anything

meh, I can reconcile with what you say, sounds ace I just could never do it, and fair play to anyone who does. Those few I know who have done it have never regreted it.

Anytime from middle of 2019 depending on how things are here. 

My high earning bazza friend wants to move to Harrogate which is apparently super expensive. I can see why he wants to trade his 2 bed flat in Islingtton, for a  five reception, five bathroom, 4 ensuite, 3500 square foot bath stone house with 1/3rd of an acre for £1,250,000. Absoloutley mental

And Stixta, I have seen just as many expensive cars, fancy houses and good restaurants and pubs in York on my frequent visits there as I have in Guildford.

If I'd bought a flat in London when I bought my first place in Edina I'd be SO FREAKING RICH RIGHT NOW


heh, I don't recall saying that, but well believe I did - turned out I managed 18 years in the end

I managed 27 years in London before moving back to the Land of My Fathers.

There is an excellent short piece by Dave Gorman who announces he has moved to Bournemoth from London and he is roundly ridiculed by his friends . His key comments were:


1- My friends say there are thousands of restaurants, pubs and theatres here, his response his how often do you use them , you can't afford it.

2- The average speed of a car is 7.5 MPH in london. 2 hours in london is 3 miles away in the country it is 40 miles away

3) His son now points at rubbish if he did that in London he would be pointing at little else.

4) The only thing that keeps  people living in london is that they persuade themselves it is the centre of the universe and therefore it makes sense to them being poor as hell.

He does have a point

Depends what you're used to, Gorman.

London will still be a world city after the shambles of Brexit, the rest of the country is fvcked.

and you'll still be treading in dog shit and pointing at rubbish ;)

what cookie said

Gorman is not a born and bred Londoner and can fuck off out of London with all the other provincials who slag off the greatest city in the world

I've taken the Bon Jovi approach.  am half way there.

living in london is well ballbag

Queenie, I am a born and bred londoner, and lets face it the vast majority of london is a shit hole. I shall continue my rant about clapham , it is an absoloute fvcking dump, why do people continue to flock there, why?

I don't think London was nice in the 90s. Worried it will revert to that.

Clergs, and how do you suggest that might happen? I am certain it won't.

I envy my parents the 60s in London.  Although by all accounts they lived in two totally different cities (one was v. square, one was v. not).

Ebit why is anyone taking career advice from an estate agent?

Clapham isn’t London 

It’s full of people not from London for a start 

Were you living in London in the 90s Clergs?

cookie , clapham is most definitley london, I do however take some of your point. When at University and bar school, just about everyone descended on clapham , and I could never understand why. It's grim


Sails he was taking , advice from a recuiter, sorry

Ru, ebit? I already think bits of it are being reclaimed by thwt old round the back of Victoria station vibe. 

I thought chambo was from wakey?

Don't think I will ever move back, doesnt stop certain relatives asking me everytime i see them

The things I would mostly miss if I were move to the provinces, and I don't mean the major cities, and the immediate environs around them but proper rural country areas would be:

1) Uber/24 hour mini-cabs- They tend to be unreliable and stop at 10 ish

2) Evening Standard- Yes I like reading a hard copy

3) Supermarkets- They are generally miles away, and close at 6

4) Variety of pubs/restaurants and lack of home delivery

5) public transport

6) Clothes/furniture shops- they are generally situate miles away in the nearest major city.

Things I would hate:

7) Why does everyone drive at 120 MPH

8) The total lack of street lighting

9) Lack of GP's

10) Nearest  A&E /trauma units tend to be miles and miles away

Born in Wakefield Hargreaves, family moved a bit further north afterwards.

No idea Ebitda. Never heard of her, I had to look her up. Apparently she trades off a Yorkshire accent. I dont have one. Lived too many places etc. I could fake one easily.

Not really fake though, unlike one or two of the supposed Geordie contingent on here. Pet.

Clergs m7, London was fvcking gr8 in the l8 80s/early 90s before it was overrun with tedious suburban types obsessed with money

It's a bit of an odd one. Family sort of comes from Shropshire but I went to school in London.

I don't really know what I'd call "home" as such.


No, I'll never go back... ...it's too parochial, it's too claustrophobic, it's too backward... ...try walking down the street holding your girlfriend's hand - googlebox or what!


Ultimately, yes I'd love to, I sort of have a plan in mind about buying lots of property in Cardiff, and eventually buying back the land my family lost.  Not sure that will ever come to anything really, but it's a nice thought.

Cant really fulfill my dream without Wales managing to fully throw off the yoke of Westminster and successfully gaining reparations for a thousand years and more of illegal rule.  It would be my ultimate goal to achieve recognition of this fact.

Heh at res ipsa's list

Apart from the free paper they're all complety wrong unless you're planning a move to darkest Wales or the highlands. 

Where I am actually from?   When I can skate to the airport across the frozen plains of hell and catch a flying pig there.

There are places fairly close by that I would like to live but earning a living would be difficult and by retirement time I am not sure how many people I would still know there/life will be more or less completely based elsewhere.

As soon as I opened my mouth I would probably have sixteen flavours of shit kicked out of me so I'll pass.

Probably never. We had the obvious moment to do that a couple of years ago when Mr Pumpkin got a new job in the area and got as far as looking at houses before realising that actually we like where we live, our friends and community, and that moving back would require big changes in the way we live - not least going from one car which barely moves during the week and sometimes not at weekends to a life wholly dependent on getting a second car and using it, all the time. 

But both sets of parents still live near there and there's the whole worry about what happens as they get older, so probably never not never never. 

Old parents are a good reason to be far away

Hospitals can't discharge them into your twenty four hour care if you're not there

(I have been thinking about moving to Canada for this reason)

Mine just moved near to me when we didn't move back to where I am from.

Do you have to hide behind the sofa and pretend you're not in?

It's pretty good actually, as my Mum is good at doing her own thing and not expecting us to be her social life. And my kids get to have family nearby.

If there is a negative to it, it is that my siblings find it easy to leave it to me.

Meh if you mean the S'port.  Do it.  You won't regret it.  I was born in London, moved oop north at 5 and then back down after law school for 7 years.  Been back "home" in S'port 15 years now and I LOVE it.  Yes you are right about the house.  I see what my friends live in in London and unless their other halves are mega rich what they live in etc and what I do is poles apart.  Mine being far superior obvs:)

Another thing about being in a rural area , where are the tennis clubs and gyms ?

If I've understood that correctly mistee that would also mean you have proper squirrels close to hand not those ghastly North American tree rats

Loads of squirrels where I live , and that’s proper London (albeit the country part!)

My garden has loads of squirrels ffs the little bastards should be shot. 

Jorrocks, I'm aware of their claims, my family has no such pretensions however we did rather protect our -actual- royal family for many hundreds of years of English oppression.  Secrecy became a requirement for the real Welsh royal family about six hundred years ago.  I'm not a part of that family but my family are absolutely one of the protectors of the truth.

Marcus Wareing recently said "I will never live anywhere apart from London, and I am a very proud Lancastrian"

Moving back north has been the best thing I’ve ever done. 

I am sure I read somewhere that there has only ever been one king of Wales and he didnt rule for very long at all.  Are you seriously claiming that the family ap tecco have protected his line for the best part of 1000 years?


Tbf that wouldn’t be the most outlandish thing tecco has claimed on here. 

Llwelyn, found the right book!  he united wales in about 1057 and was udisputed king (amusingly, with the help of the anglo saxons and the vikings) and karked it in 1063.

my book does not mention the ap teccos.


i wonder if the llwelyn in Henry V is one of the secret heirs?  


Nah mate one of my ancestors took a trip to Rome with one of the most serious contenders for a United throne.  With wales it's tricky because there were so many little kingdoms, several people took control of more than one over the years but Llewelyn was the one who got everyone to agree to his overall control.  Henry of Monmouths claim was vague and dubious at best, he was basically a cousin.

Err a cousin of the real royals, not my cousin, lol.  Seeing as ZG is here to misinterpret everything I say I thought I'd best clarify that!

Teclis is bound to have a very complicated ancestral tree, if his forebears are anything like the great studmuffin himself.

All those  local randy wenches getting their kit off on first sight.

Indeed, some believe that Droit du Seigneur actually originated in Pontypridd.

It's an interesting thought that Tecco and I might be distantly related through the activities of a studmuffin, knightly ancestor of Tecco's and a fecund serving wench / daffodil growing ancestress of mine. 

I did it. the thing about old friends having moved away isn't relevant. if you chose your area well you will find new ones. old friends who didn't move away and with whom you no longer have anything in common is also not an issue - for the same reason. someone said something about gyms. they do exist in the sticks and in the north but most people prefer to get a decent bike and/or pair of trainers.