When was the last time you were really angry?

I can’t remember, personally. 

Zen, baby.

Being generally furious has been a permanent state of affairs since about 2015.

A few minutes ago, listening to Leadsom spouting her shite on TWAO. 

Heh, she is atrocious.

But I’m reminded of a great expression of a good pal which is apposite to such horrors. “Imagine thinking..” it begins, and is of universal application.

As in, “imagine thinking like Andrea Leadsom”

The fact one doesn’t and ofc couldn’t is of great comfort in these troubled times. 

Absolutely raging? Can't remember, I don't tend to fly off the handle these days very much. I guess I am not ever really angry just disappointed...

in october my gf had a friend (f) visiting and within 90 minutes, she made our blood boil so hard did she get on our nerves

I then fled the apartment and has one of those walks and strolls around town, texted my girl that I'd love to get rid. she replied we are going to give it another go with her as the afternoon apparently was ok

the next day there was trouble again with visitor and I fled again, leaving my gf arguing with visitor

when I got home, visitor had left to stay in a hotel, i.e. my gf had kicked her out as they had fallen out (for good, btw) but then visitor texted she

a) wants to come back in our flat as she doesn't find hotel/hostel

b) wants me to pick her up

my gf did contemplate, I then lost it and screamed "NO FUCKING WAY IS SHE GONNA COME BACK; OVER MY COLD DEAD BODY"

It's not much comfort, cookie, when someone as thick as she is is repeatedly given prime media time to spout her illogical and dangerous crap, particularly at a time when we really do need common sense and decency not just to be given a voice, but to actually prevail.


about 6 months ago - long lunch with friends (the husband has always been a bit of a twat) where he referred to wanting brownie points from his wife for having to 'help her out with the childcare' (for their own son FAOD) which later degenerated into a 5 hour 'discussion' on Brexit

have not seen them since. 

The other day when I bent down to get something out of a low cabinet and then hit my head on the corner of the upper cabinet door that I had neglected to close when I stood up.

Much rage was had


The only thing that really makes me angry is cyclists I think.

Cyclists speeding on pavements.

Did you know you can buy tyre spikes on eBay? I wonder if the vendor tells tales.

Heh clergs I shouted "get in the road u little cunt" at a cycletwat on the pavement riding at me and some children on sunday arvo.

as he got closer i realised he was 12 so I totally should have clotheslined him.

heh @ the thought of clergs buying tyre spikes on eBay and applying them to poor unassuming cyclists in edinburgh

They are not unassuming they are arrogant dangerous bastards and someone should smash up their legs with their bikes before they injure someone.


Hahaha I am borrowing that line also. Bad luck at the being 12 tho.

Have had some epic rage recently courtesy of the local council conservation officer although she seems to have adopted a more reasonable stance since I suggested I might top myself courtesy of her actions.

Truly angry? Hmmmm. Ummmm. No can’t remember anything 

I've definitely got more zen with age.  I used to get door slammingly furious on a regular basis.  Now I can't be fecked.


I'm going the other way and getting less zen as I get older.  Nothing used to bother me but now I can be reduced to volcanic rage in moments if people press the right buttons.