When was the last time there was a new poster?

I mean genuinely new? They've also killed off the trainee board now (as nobody posted on it).

Why do you think newly minted lawyers do not post? The average age on here must now be approaching 40.

I was genuinely new but that was about a year ago.

They've all been killed off by RoFers having unprotected sex with them.

heh gwenno - you newbie!

You were not put through the newbie  treatment. 

describe norks

I was going to say Gwen, who comes across as a fairly nice well balanced poster.

Some of you lot with your sniping, sarcasm and downright aggression would put off anymore new from posting on here.

Just bantz eh lads. No its not to some. That's why loads have gone.

I was genuinely new last week.


AICM shiny new thing

I've been creeping on all the chat for months now. Biding my time. This is my moment.

Rof is clearly  a generational thing, when it started it was for trainees junior lawyers, now those people have become middle aged and the chat reflects that.  Probably not ideal for ROF commercially but such is the way of things - see also on a much larger scale-  Facebook

Guilty as charged.  Posted for first time this year.  But have been lurking in RoF since it started. This place is like Friends Reunited.

welcome newbies and “newbies”!


dont stop posting now!


ps - lurking since Rof started and posting now? Wow

This, in spades. Have also been lurking for about a year or two, it’s like game of thrones at times. Especially in that some colorful characters tend to simple disappear, and what’s left in the last season is a cast of bitter misfits pondering the end times. :)

I still think of Sergio and Stix as new.  They must have been on here for about 8 and 10 years.

Hold on, when did it start?  I trained in 2000 and I think it was about then.  I will admit that 19 years before piping up is quite some time, but I haven't really had anything to say.


Probably got a lot of catching up to do (re: British Spaz, Claire Swires, etc.) 

I can barely keep tabs of the knowing second names.  

Everyone has WhatsApp groups of their mates, so no need to use a chatboard for distraction. Also prob less waiting around for stuff gaps to fill. 

I think ROF began in 2000 but the chatboard only the following year.  I thin the whole Claire swires thing predates the chatboard (certainly my time on it)

Chatboard was definitely going in 2001 because I remember getting real time updates from New York on it when the Yank got hit.

Somewhat lukewarm approval from Chambo. Am I really only quite nice?

And Coffers it's too late now.

I started late 2007 when I got bored after moving inhouse.

Can't believe strutter worked back in 2001. I though you were younger?

Don't flatter him, Tricky, for god's sake.


this place is like Friends Reunited.  If by that you mean populated only be older people who like to lurk in a place which has long since been superseded and used it to bully others.

populated only be older people who like to lurk in a place which has long since been superseded and used it to bully others

Exactly that 

I was still at school but just interested in being a lawyer

School? Yeah, pull the other one, it has bells on. Uni, ok, but not school.

Strutz at uni in 2001?

that's a hehmax from me clive.  He can draw his pension next spring

Sorry, I was using school in the American sense - ‘law school’ in English

Apologies for any confusion 


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strutts qualified later than me?

fuck me, that makes me feel older than noah

Posted a bit and lurked mainly in 2007. Returned in 2015 quite a gap come to think of it. Lurked a bit last year and now posting again. I remember some great chat back a few years ago. Glad to see the new board though as it was the coming really awful last year, with all the cripple fights, they just weren’t even entertaining anymore

What happened to some of the regular posters after the switch? Ash was very frequent in her posts, did she leave? Does anyone remember Cinders? OB I’ve seen you post a couple of times but now I can’t remember your new username. And who was 


I O Hughes? 

Ingrid (I.O.) Hughes is a real person apparently, not a poster

She got caught up in an Ealing comedy type thing between me and Dogwarden involving the importation of crippled Eastern European dogs and missing dog biscuits.

Yes, I know. Hard to make up.

I take it there was only the one Cinders? I remember her, Ash and OB. Also what happened to Miss T, KittyKat and Princess? 

I have a huge apology to make. I introduced lurkalot/cookie to the board at the very beginning. Thought it might help him get laid! 

First time I have looked at this place this year and only second post in five years. Couldn’t give a shit about rof now. Back in the day it was like a drug. 

Yes Orange Miss T was good for entertainment. A couple of years ago there was  dilemma and it was posted on here. It was overshadowed at the time because of another rof story involving three people. I liked Miss T! She had some sass. But many thought she became too if for her boots and always talked about money and her older guy buying her things

OB had the baby and Nev stopped posting a while before. 

Chambers, that sounds a funny tale.

it would be fun if I O Hughes joined Rof don’t you think? I like how she goes by her initials. 

A related question - who do you think  will still be here in 5 years?

Posted a lot in 2006-2007 when I was a paralegal then off until 2017. Was somehow comforting to see that some people had never left. So I reckon it will be those people who will still be here, although I might be wrong as I had expected camembert to be.

Me. Whilst not doing a great deal to reduce the average age of posters, I am intending to bring my own brand of ill informed views, lazy stereotypes and generally unwanted opinions to the Board.

I'll still be here.  If only out of boredom and a middle aged inability to change my ways.

Anonymous message boards have ended up mostly being a weird quirk of the noughties.

Very few have continued to grow and attract many new users beyond that, particularly younger people. They're all just a largely static block of posters who joined in that period slowly ageing together. 

Tamora!!! Well I haven't been here for a few years and it's all different... :)

You need some kind of credible back story. over time, doesn't matter how insane (plenty of them), just consistent, same user name etc.

I remember kavolski.

But not well enough to spell it, apparently... ;)

It's a bit like a wanishing point.