When someone goes to shake your hand now?

What do you do? Shake it anyway and then immediately sanitise or look at the proffered hand and go "Ewww. Shaking hands? That's so 2019!"

I always try to go for a fist bump..though not sure if that's any better.

I hate hand shakes. It's way too intimate for me to hold hands with a stranger. And that was my feelings pre-vuvu.

You're not supposed to hold hands mate. That's something different. It's a brief manly squeeze and release.

Thumb to nose, fingers outstretched and sing "Vu-vu, fuck you!".  Then run away

A couple of people have shaken hands with me in the last couple of weeks - they just forgot as we got up and parted.

I was entirely unfussed on each occasion.

Someone shook my hand a few days ago.  I immediately applied a tourniquet just below my armpit and managed to amputate my right arm within 30 seconds so I reckon I'll be ok.

what strutter said. I went into Mappin & Webb, the manager came out  I went to shake his hand and he elbow bumped me, fair enough. I doubt he would let me try the Omega or Roles on by passing them to me, although he did when I bought my first one ages ago.

I extend my right hand as if to shake theirs and then raise it to touch my nose with my thumb and wave my fingers OBVIOUSLY 

Neither do I but I suspect an accurate description would involve the word "riddled,"

Punch them straight in the solar plexus, and as they go down, scream "THAT'S FOR THE INFECTED, MOFO!"

It's the only way they will learn.

If the UK has been better at dealing with things this would not even be a question now.

I'm in Europe - pub beer gardens have been open almost the whole time with social distancing with lots of people meeting up BUT masks to get there and supposed to be on between drinks.


Today - everything open, death rate low as you like. Infection rate low as you like. Virtually no mask requirement except the underground and save for a lack of tourists, things back to normal.