when someone accepts you on Facebook

and you take that as a positive event, before realising they have 25,000 friends

Don't wanna be a pedant, but I think the cap is waaaaaaaaaaaay lower than that. 

my former boss has 1.600 facebook friends - and he thinks that is his closer circle of friends cos actually, the whole world is his friend

well and all these friends also are kinda available to do him favours and work - freelance - for him if he needs them, and that sh1t works cos he is popular 

and he keeps telling absolutely everyone that they're a great friend

at the party he'll be all like "man! so good to see you! and what a lovely girl you have" and to my girl "your man is the best bloke ever. so loyal. I love him. Well done"

and there are enough idiots to believe his stick.

when you need him - he's nowhere to be seen. when you need his help, he'll postpone the convo so often you give up

I deleted him from facebook and want nothing to do with him. nobody has 1.600 friends, neither do I, neither do I want 1.600 friends