What's your yoghurt of choice?

Hit me up with ideas. I tire of strawberry activia

Yeo Valley Lemon Curd.

Lidl proper Greek yoghurt with fresh fruit, drizzled with honey.

bit of a faff having to scoop from one pot into another

just mix it in for me you knobbers

Plain, unsweetened, whole milk, organic, then add either tahini or honey.

and ronald wins the most middle class post of the day award.

Black cherry in a non healthy fat free sugar free bollocks variety

Or fancy vanilla in the style of the above

The big waitrose ones are quite nice

We get the massive Fage tubs and add fruit and honey. Love yogurt. I do like Fruit Corners but they’re not technically yogurt and have loads of added sugar, so time and place etc. 

muller rice or a choc mousse (not sure if that counts)