What's in your wallet?


1. Amex credit card

2. Halifax clarity credit card (for use on holiday)

3. Main debit card (Barclays)

4. House account debit card (HSBC)

5. Driving License

6. Oyster Card

7. EHIC Card (im flying to Norway tonight, normally i'd leave at home)

8. National Rail Gold Record Card

9. Loyalty stamp thing for my local pub (buy 10 pints, get one free)

1. Two debit cards and one credit card.

2. Driving licence.

3. Resident's card.

4. EHIC.

5. Health insurance card.

6. Oyster card.

7. Airline loyalty card.

8. Gift card for a shop I never go to.

9. Cash.

10. A small button that came off my dress.

You carry an oyster even though you aren't in London any more Anna? Why not just use contactless?

I do usually, but sometimes it's useful to lend to the person I'm travelling with.

£250 cash

debit card for current account

work ID

Amex cashback (groceries, petrol and anything over £100)

santander (main account)

monzo (black ops account)

driving licence

mrs G’s driving licence, oddly

rac card that I note expired in March 2017


oops very belated

anyway I don't have a wallet everything just swims about my bag


receipt from waitrose for one banana

euromills ticket

debit card

credit card

debit card

debit card

work pass

credit card

season ticket

rail id

debit card

hsbc online thingy

national trust card

library card

daughter's library card

optician discount card

credit card

taxi card (x4)


Debit card, credit card, company debit card and driving licence and of course some cash.

1. £3.02 in change; plus 20 Jersey pence

2. two Paris metro tickets

3. Barclays debit card

4. J Crew loyalty card

5. a book of first class stamps (5 stamps left)

6. myWaitrose card

7. Boots advantage card

8. Panache coffee loyalty stamp card

9. Caffe Nero coffee loyalty stamp card

10. Kensington & Chelsea library card

11. Amex

12. Gail's coffee loyalty stamp card

13. Harrods loyalty card

14. Russell & Bromley loyalty card

15. Costa Coffee loyalty card

16. Parcafe at The Dorchester coffee stamp loyalty card

17. Trafford library card

18. Matcha & Beyond matcha stamp loyalty card

19. Blink brow bar loyalty card

20. Waterstones receipt and loyalty card

21. Dry cleaning ticket with safety pins pinned onto it so that I can return pins when I pick up my dry cleaning

22. Virgin Mastercard

23. Shavata Studio loyalty card

24. Liberty Loyalty card

25.  My business card

26. V&A Membership card

27. Clean and Lean at Bodyism loyalty card

28. 50p off Twinings Superblend voucher.

2 credit cards 

debit card

us driving license 

uk driving license 

usd 44

a couple of random receipts 


Blockbusters Card

West Yorks Savastrip (Kerching)

Snooker club membership card

Rumbelows payment card


What can I tell you, Wellers, I just like cash.

Also, what the hell do your suits all look like, with wallets bulging with coffee loyalty cards and your children's library cards?

Debit card

BRP card

home country ID

Boots advantage card

Random business cards

driving licence

wilko gift card

16p in coins 


2 credit cards

1 debit card

1 savings account card (no money in)

1 necter card

1 NUS card

£8.60 in change

^^^ annoys the hell out of me whe poeple have wallets like this

2 credit cards

debit card

Ncp card

national trust card

waitrose card

rac card

driving license

Swimming pool membership card

£165(which I didn’t know was there until I looked)

5 euros

variuos reciepts



Agreed welly mine is way fatter than that.


I bet you have one of those 1980s long wallets for your cards. and a gold dragon head money clip for your big reds...

I keep a photo of my kids (when they were babies) in mine.

Apparently it highly increases the likelihood of it being returned to you if you drop it.  

Loving Guy's humblebrag about the kind of wad of notes that he forgets he has lying around.  It's rather reminiscent of the scene in Blackadder when Queenie asks Blackadder for cash.

A few credit and debit cards, driving licence, some random business cards and a book of stamps.

Disappointing lack of foreign currency with nothing more exotic than USD or EUR.

ROF has grown old and boring.

From back to front:

dry cleaning ticket

2 x local barber shop loyalty card (8 haircuts get one free)

12 first class stamps of varying antiquity

 20 CHF

75 EUR

AA membership card

business card for triathlon safety organisers

driving licence

parkrun barcode


ZSL membership card

medical details of lens implant

topgolf membership card (used once)

Expired British Triathlon membership card

HMV loyalty card

tic removal tool

private health membership card

IT helpdesk card which supposedly protects bank cards from RFID scanning

Credit card

EHIC card

Boots advantage card

debit card

PADI advanced open water diving licence

British Hyperbaric Association diver help card

Library card

Blood donor card

Morrisons more card



Driving licence

Debit card

2x credit cards

I just use one of those card holder things rather than a proper wallet these days. Probably 95% of my payments are with my phone now, I'd like to get to the point of ditching all the cards too and not carrying a wallet at all. 

Dutch debit card

Uk debit card

UK credit card

Dutch rail card

Work driving permit


Driving licence

Work ID

5 x business cards


Supermarket loyalty card

Empty twinings tea bag packet

Work call out list

25 euros


Contents will change as I am back in the UK next week.

Not sure I'd call carrying an empty tea bag packet prepared...

I take your point sails!

Actually my parents tend to give me cash when they owe me money as they have not worked out internet banking, god help them, because I don't use cash really I tuck it away in a hidden recess of my wallet then promptly forget all about it- but it does provide the occasional nice surprise...

About a billion pounds in change which i always need to get rid of.

an Oyster card.  I have not been to London in three years.  I have no idea why.

a charge card for a pub in Mayfair.

2 debit cards.

£260 ish in cash , mostly 50s.  I normally have a little more but my gardener came today and I dropped a fifty on him.


Tbh I can't fathom why someone would routinely carry more than £30 in cash unless they are into drugs. 

Feebs always prepared. 

Sails the tea packet is to remind me which variety a colleague wants me to buy when back in the UK. 

Cash is going out of fashion these days so wallets tend to be lighter.  They'll increase the contactless limit (currently £30) sometime soon

I see Tom.  So it's a not a reserve prophylactic then?!

Sorry it’s not a charge card it’s some kind of loyalty thingy.

I also missed out my driving licence.

Anna - I carry cash because some people prefer to be paid in cash or need to be, like my gardener just yesterday.  Also a few places down here won’t take cards for less than a tenner worth of spend.