What's your favourite super spicy food?

A go to when you could murder some spice

Something Sichuanese: wontons in red chili oil, or "husband wife lung slices" (tripe with red chili oil). At least I think these are Sichuanese ...

Lots of stuff. Keema peas; curry; there’s a swede laksa dish in East which blows your head off cos of the amount of kashmiri chilli in it! 

Chicken Madras or a Vindaloo + 3/4 pints of 🐍 , pilau rice, saag aloo and large garlic naan

Then maybe another 🐍 

Lamb vindaloo is a good shout

I also enjoy TexMex - so a nice chicken mole with a kick is always welcome. Or a beanless steak chili with jalapenos.

In the islands as an expat I enjoyed some scotch bonnet hot sauce on fish...or a scotch bonnet margarita.

As I get this side of 40 though, too much spice is not my friend :(

Chilli Padi is an epic Malaysian place - I had lunch there today as it goes - pretty decent veggie selection too, which is your thing iirc

Sometimes it’s nice to pair hoppier beers with spicy food. A Whitstable Bay goes quite well, as does Fourpure IPA

and sometimes I like to drink pint after pint of macro-brewed chilled lager while ordering the hottest thing on the menu before insulting myself in a taxi 

horses for courses

generally my own curry, stir fry, or chilli - with additional chilli sauce from the chilli sauce library 

A spicy pho/ramen with extra chilli and garlic oil on it - the really hot stuff from a jar, i think its called Chiu Chow Chilli Oil.  I love that stuff.

Vindaloo. We used to get our old local curry place to make a phaal, the off-menu hottest they offered.

that sichuan dish that’s just fry spiced chicken fillet cubes absolutely drowning in chillis and ground peppercorn 

hot and sour soup

malaysian shrimp chilli paste noodles

nasi goreng (usually fairly mild tbf)

pad prik grapraow or however you spell it

curry not especially high on the list, I like mid strength ones like jalfrezi

dishoom do a fried chicken thing with the most ridiculously spicy v thick sauce that u drip over it

it’s srsly delicious. i don’t think i’ve ever enjoyed nething else as spicy as that

With laz and PP on the Sichuan stuff. There's a place I sometimes go that does a single portion spicy hot pot. They had iPad ordering way before COVID and it was great because you didn't have to talk to the staff (who didn't speak very good English) and just ordered from pictures. 

Xinjiang chilli cumin lamb skewers. 

Hmmm, excuse me. 

chilli, only if home made, and I put whatever the fukk I want in it ta, although not generally chocolate

Yes to the Sichuan chicken and chilli thing and the man and wife offal slices.

Also add Water Boiled Beef to the order and some hot and numbing prawns.

That's some good shit.


To make myself: 

1. Mayor Sam Pick's Green Chilli (from a Keith Floyd episode in Texas)

2. Pasta with pesto sauce (I put 4 large cloves in it and they burn like a f*cker!)

Dining out:

Used to be hot curries but it's now dolsot bibimbap.

Anything with the homemade chilli oil I made from last year's Scotch Bonnet crop. Surprised the glass bottle it's in hasn't melted tbh.

I don't think vindaloos/phaals are particularly tasty, I prefer to order the curry I would normally order and just ask if they can make it nuclear hot.

Tbh I don't eat really spicy stuff that much these days as the missus just can't tolerate any spice, and given my resulting lack of exposure neither can my guts. The days of homemade chilli laced with Dave's Insanity Sauce are a distant memory. 

Agreed there. I used to have green chillies on the side of anything they would go with but wife is lame in that regard and the kids are hopeless so now it's just some hot sauce if I remember. 

Last time I had something super super spicy it left me emotionally scarred. 

I remember well a French friend who was keen to distinguish between spicy and hot, the former being fine and the latter, basically, vulgar. As usual, right.

Laz, many years ago on hols in HK you gave me Chilli Fagara and I still go into a daydream now when I (still) get emails from them 😉

Heh i was just thinking that

The french are the mothers in law of the culinary world - bland, undercooked and when in doubt add butter ("did you add spice to this??" *Fans mouth theatrically *)