What's a nice area in North London to live in?

I'm quite fond of Hampstead for its proximity to the park nearby, so sort of want around there.

But RoF is the knowledge, so came here to see if any of us might have some hidden gems that I haven't considered (I've looked at the popular ones e.g. Highgate and Camden).

Thanks in advance!

Crouch End, Alexandra Palace, even towards Wood Green it's all good. Not WG itself though.

OB lives that way I think?

thanks Rue and Rex; MK is too far North!

I'll research them, thanks guys

Hampstead /Village. Islington is a ghetto, truly awful place. I have no idea why "professionals " clamour for it.

North of the Westway / A501, I don't think it actually gets nice again until you get to Peterborough

I think in your op you meant south rather than north.

Laz will claim that Woodside Park/Totteridge is the place to be.

Islington is fantastic, I have no idea why some chippy mofos hate it so much. 

Muswell Hill is a good option. 

Want a 4 bedder at a reasonable price within A406?  Try Bounds Green/Bowes Park.  Not a lot of amenities but on the tube and near Muswell Hill/Ally Pally. 

Highgate Village is lovely, but you'll need major mullah to afford a place there!

Trufax, Realist. Also chock full of champagne socialist playwrights and novelists. 

Parts of East Finchley are very nice, but again not cheap!

Highgate, chalk farm are probably OK. but what sails said really

Muswell Hill is actually pretty terrible, I found. No nice cafes, pubs or bars (even the Gails is sub standard) and awful traffic and pollution. Crouch end is good but around the good primary schools is crazy expensive and I’m so glad I’m not doing lockdown there. 

There's loads of nice areas but if your budget/expectation is Hampstead Village or Highgate you're not gonna find that outside of those two. 

Whetstone nice a bit further out, as is grange park and especially winchmore hill. Palmers Green has some lovely bits too, but it’s a bit old person. 

Past North Circular you might as well go right out into Herts. 

Broadly wot Blue Iguana said but depends on your budget / priorities / if you need or want good state schools now or later.

Blue Iguana - don't mind Herts actually, any particular spot?

I live in South Tottenham (SoTo to those in the know 😉). It’s a bit gritty but cheaper than muswell hill, ally pally etc. Transport links are good (when we used transport), I have three big parks within 5mins walk and Finsbury Park is 20mins walk. And the schools and nurseries are fab. 

Not necessary to go all the way out to Herts - there are areas of Finchley and Friern Barnet that are very nice (and have good shops/facilities), but as ever, not inexpensive.

St Albans is OK I think. Good value and quick trains 

Hertford itself is nice.  St Albans is lovely but can be a pig to get into town from.

I was at one time interested in buying a new build in Essendon but the local primary was crap so didn't. Nice village tho. 

Check out the standards of schools in the London Borough of Barnet -- consistently some of the best performances in the whole of the country

thanks guys, schools probably not a concern as not planning on kids

Acton is never nice at any time of year.  If you're heading west go Chiswick. 

Noted re schools. Need a tube station or daily commute to Central London? Nice flat or garden more important?

Mole5 - ummm probably not daily as I think WfH is gonna be the trend, probably just weekly.

'd love a nice flat, garden not so much but walkable to a nearby park would be ideal!

thanks in advance

The Northern Line is  very good (used to be the worst, but big improvements now made).  It is fast into C London (West End and City options) and trains run very frequently.

I'm quite fond of Hampstead for its proximity to the park nearby, so sort of want around there.

If you're after a doer-upper there are some places with potential on The Bishops Avenue.

Hehe.  Fine if you happen to have a spare 20million lying around!

OK cool then:

- Hampstead / Belsize Park

- Highgate / 'Swains Lane' area

- Primrose Hill

(above if money no object tho some deals to be had prob especially on flats)

- Islington esp around Upper Street and especially its North end near Highbury Fields

- Kentish Town esp towards Hampstead Heath eg Gospel Oak area

Places full of kids / perhaps worth avoiding as this pushes prices up / not great restaurant scene:

- Crouch End

- Muswell Hill

- Stoke Newington (tho nice park / walks)

- Wanstead if you want further out / green (near Epping Forest) - not really N London tho.

Sorry should have said Upper St and Kentish Town better for range of restaurants/ pubs / generally buzzier.

Hampstead much wider range of restaurants than Highgate. Highgate good on pubs tho.

Nah BI, still uberable and just about cyclable to/from the city from those places 

I used to go to Southgate a bit but is seemed completely meh. Not bad, just suburbia with few decent bars/restos.  Can't speak to WInchmore Hill or Palmers green but I imagine same-o-same-o.

SG is pretty rough apart from a couple of v small bits and very trafficky, not the same kettle of fish IMO.  All very suburbany though compared to Islington or poshest Highgate though, clearly.

thanks guys esp. Mole5 - gonna check all of them out.

I am tempted to live farther out if for my money (£1.5-1.7k p/m) I can rent a 2-bed house in a quiet area


Lots of pleasant tree lined streets to the south of Hampstead village proper, all the way into Belsize park, South Hampstead, West Hampstead. Rents have definitely dropped due to pandemic as well. 

What are your needs? 

rent v buy 

flat v house 

single looking to mingle / solo / coupled / family 

Gritty and fun / leafy / pubs / restaurants 

East Finchley is depressing and crap imo. Worst of all worlds in that it’s suburban and boring and school-orientated and trafficky cf Highgate, Hampstead etc but also fvcking expensive because of fortismere senior school and st martins primary. No nice restos (pubs are ok though and tube is good).  

What threep said. 💯 no from me for any of the finchleys. Boring and no rewards.

@ coracle Bishops avenue is the most expensive avenue in the U.K. . It is beyond the reach of 99.9999999% of purchasers . Another issue is so many of these houses are in near ruins , bought by people with hundreds of millions who have let residents property decay and go into ruin 

Oh and Islington, the pollution, traffic and how mad busy the place is , christ, I just don’t get the attraction. It’s grim , and mainly populated by students new to London , and graduates in their first job thinking it is the place to live . Also see claaapham 

OP have a look at Richmond, Merton and Kingston, much nicer and better “value” Parts of Wandsworth also.

Islington is walking distance from Central London. It has an excellent range of, currently closed, pubs, restaurants and theatres etc. It's a lively place to be but v busy and not v green.

I once tried to walk to Merton from Central London but didn't make it. Haven't tried Kingston or Richmond. Both are leafy (in parts) and suburban, won't feel like living in London tho. Merton somewhere in between.

Not at all mole, am less than 15 minutes walk to highgate tube via wood vale or a short hop on the bus to FP

Anyway for somewhere fun in north London would opt for Stroud green, Harringay ladder, Camden, maybe crouch end if 30+ and looking for a more laidback fun vibe 

That’s it. They are the only fun places unless going further in to islington Etc. West Hampstead at a push but it’s more obviously bankers and lawyers 

the rest serves its purpose. High and ham are pretty. Muswell hill and other parenting enclaves ie crouch end and ally pally not for u. Palmers green has lovely stock at a much more reasonable price but no chi chi bits (maybe cherry tree at a push). I find whetstone etc just that bigger push into suburbia which isn’t my personal vibe at all


I'm interested in moving to South Tottenham - I've been up a few times to look around and think it's alright. 

But what's the reality? How likely am I to get mugged on the way back from the tube late at night?

I used to love living in Highbury, and lived in a place with massive Georgian windows  overlooking the Fields once ... but that was 25 odd years ago.

We are in NW - zone 5. On Met line tube and other tubes too. Lots of tubes and over ground trains and buses etc. On my road horses go by, there is a golf course and also a wood opposite and I have about 3/4 of an acre and 100 trees so that kind of NW London.