What's a good side gig for extra cash?

Been flirting with the idea of buying a van, and running a Man and Van business on weekends.

But competition seems fierce.

it depends on where you live. 

are you prepared to work for £10 / £12 an hour?

I live in Herts atm.

£10 an hour is fine, obviously the higher the better, hence thinking of what's the best side gig instead of just any gig.

Just get a van. With a van, it's like you've got an MBA, but you've also got a f***ing van

SS - a desk jockey suddenly hauling around stuff at weekends seems a recipe for a very bad back.


do a basic plumbing course, charge middle class idiot punters whatever you want.

Learn to wax vajazzle.  That will solve multiple issues

You're normally paid piece rate for van driving, so if you want that £10 per hour expect to do a lot of it. I was a van courier in London for a bit. Don't recommend it.

Does anyone on ROF act as a notary on the side?  I think it is a bit of an investment at the front end (exams fees etc) albeit I doubt they are very hard.  

you can't become a notary until you've been selected from the magic hat and have drunk the blood of a wolf on a full moon whilst the third moon of jupiter is risen

Become a delivery driver for Amazon/Yodel/Hermes? I'm sure you could earn at least £10 an hour and you don't need to buy a van - any reasonably-sized car would do.

I watched a clip on youtube recently about an enterprising pair in Delhi. One would squirt bird poo from a syringe onto unsuspecting tourists shoes when they weren't looking and would then direct them to the 2nd man who could clean the poo off for a phat fee.

Wanna get involved? You will be the poop cleaner obv.

Reminds me of a famous quote: "There are two kinds of people in the world my friend. Those who clean the poo and those who do the squirting. I do the squirting. If you cut down on my percentage, well, it might interfere with my aim."

suspect you'll find you'll need to buy a van..... are you sure it will pay off, weekends only?  highly doubt it.  i reckon most man/van types sweat it 12 hours a day, 6 days a week.  could be wrong, but that's the model for capital assets.

There's a real shortage of reasonable vans at the moment as lots of people have done this. We had to lease ours from the company and the money was deducted from the wages.

‘you can't become a notary until you've been selected from the magic hat and have drunk the blood of a wolf on a full moon whilst the third moon of jupiter is risen‘

this isn’t a million miles from the truth tbh

Come on, day trading is obviously the answer. Coin to be made!!!

More seriously, I reckon selling heroin is about to become a nice little earner...

I am seriously planning to become a reiki master.  My astrologer said that it would be good part time job to pursue as a way to channel my wounded Chiron.

Instagram food blog (if you like food that is!) or another passion/hobby. I personally have thought about that but don’t really like social media and have a no ‘social media’ rule (which includes LinkedIn although thinking of getting that!) You could do it anonymous as the extra money may not be enough for the lack of privacy and maybe market a bit saturated?

Mine is buying investment grade wine to sell to our future, possibly already present, Chinese overlords at a profit. Mixed success tbh. So I'm going to branch out into grand larceny.

teacher at Bpp/uLaw

No legal knowledge actually needed, and provide you with slides and notes that you can just read off verbatim

most are failed barristers who dont want to deliveroo

With the side benefit you can claim you're a lawyer in academia*

*other than to other lawyers obvs.