What's the best non-paying online legal update?

Non-paying so not PLC or Lexis Nexis please?

Lexology is excellent and completely free to use.  They charge firms for writing the updates, articles etc.

Second Lexology - great casual source for updates.

is Lexis Nexis pay?

we tried to get rid of PLC and move to Lexis but ran into the hurdle of the Lexis sales team[b]

Sumo: "hello, I am sick of being brutally arse fisted by Thomson Reuters lockstep price increases that bear no relation to reality"

Lexis: "You wanna buy Halisbury's statutes?"

Sumo: "Well, ideall some sort of inhouse resource similar to what PLC offer"

Lexis "Halisbury's statutes?"

Sumo: "I, err, I don't think that's what we want but maybe? I mean is it by any chance more than just statutes?"

Lexis: "you buy Halisbury's statutes?"

Sumo: ".........Is it possible to try for a couple of weeks, like get a test account?"

Lexis "no, no, you buy Halisbury's statutes"[/b]

Sumo: "ffs!"

I mean, once is bad enough but I got this in successive years. It's like Lexis don't like money or something. 

Whats the best for precedents ?  Lexology is just updates on topics and legislation.