What is your summer coat like?

I need one for workish stuff. Not a trench coat, I too often turn to a trench coat.

I have a short gray trench, a belted sand trench and a very light silk like green Parker. If I was going to buy another it would be a cream trench. Trenches are hard to beat as they are so light and go over anything. 

Once I have finished moulting it is smooth and glossy.  Winter is harsher on the outside but has an undercoat of fine wool.  The transition between the two phases involves a lot of lying on my back in the grass like a wriggling worm, shedding, and snapping at the air with my teeth for no apparent reason ,while snorting in pleasure, then I stand up and shake so violently my back legs actually leave the ground as it unwinds itself through from tip to tail.