What is your greatest weakness at work?

Me: eczema

I get very tired after 10 hours.  Seriously I have loads of urgent stuff to do but just can't face it after a certain point.  The other senior lawyers seem to have limitless energy and most of them are juggling kids, its humbling. 

The white chocolate millionaires shortbread they do in the canteen 

I anticipate our canteen will never reopen tho 

Rhubarb crumble and custard day (every second Thurs)

I have narrowed it down to the key ones:

inability to concentrate for prolonged periods of time

inability to be interested in much of what i need to do

propensity to delegate everything 

not being clear enough with instructions sometime and then getting annoyed i havent been delivered what i wanted

being too prescriptive with instructions other times even if there is a better way of achieving the same

being too ready to dismiss ideas

speaking my mind too much

not being interested in large chunks of my practice area that i really ought to know about

Terrible concentration and low productivity after about 4pm.

If someone can recommend any way of improving concentration, I would love to hear it.

parsnip this thread is for weaknesses not a list of traits that make a person a prime candidate for law firm partnership.

iif the cap fits... have been a partner for more than 10 years m7. Leaving shortly. Life is too short - the game is no fun when you've worked out how to win too easily (well actually the politics is tipping me over the edge and i yearn for something more fulfilling)

Actually what Terry said but replace ‘4pm’ with ‘9am’

rarely still there by 4 tbh

I'm a perfectionist. 

(eczema as well, flaky-skin-bruh)

Keeping a straight face when someone is talking bollocks on a zoom call. I can keep it pro in person, but when I'm getting sarcastic WhatsApps from colleagues about how so and so looks like a pug chewing a wasp then my smirking is obvious.

One of the trainees that wears what could conservatively be described as ‘figure enhancing’ or ‘body supporting’ leggings every day. 

Parsnip - I escaped at around the same number of years post partnership. No regrets, one of the best decisions I've taken. Good luck. 

Lose concentration after 10 hours?! WTF


I lose concentration after 20 minutes.

In the past my greatest weakness would have been extremely low tolerance for muppetry. To the point that I’ve been in trouble before for virtually calling people idiots, or charlatans, to their faces. I don’t do that anymore now (after therapy) and just let it wash over me in a massive wave of ‘do what you want then, m8, but it’s a stupid way to do it’.

These days it’s probably just agreeing to help people with things that aren’t my job.

I’d love to be in a meeting where the word ‘charlatan’ was used

too open, too friendly, to gullible, always expect people to be like myself, i.e. if someone is good, let them enjoy their success - their success need not be my detriment. small town boy still partly - but not in the next job, I am already looking forward to implementing what I have learned