What is your greatest strength at work?
a perfectly no… 23 Sep 20 17:06
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Me: hawk-like attention to detial

In all seriousness:

1. ability to steer the technical stuff through the people stuff

2. doggedness

3. even temperament

The internet is not big enough to contain all the detail

Teaching the youngsters how to avoid the elephant traps. Sometimes not immediately obvious to them.

A laser like focus on the the important issue...

...oh, is that a small tortoiseshell butterfly?

heh, str8 bat from Doggo

I lack that tbf. My strength is the ability to apply the law literally. I answer the questions I'm asked, and am reasonably good at ensuring I'm asked the right ones.

Chimp, don't you have to wear a mask all day? How does handsome help when the cruel muzzle of the Nazi communist government is glued to your face for 12hrs a day?

Conniving, backstabbing, and getting people to believe that I'm smarter and more hardworking than I actually am.

masks make me more handsome, I'm reasonably good looking from the nose up

deeply likeable and able to bend people to my will

seems unlikely, hope u don’t mind me saying 

Not in the slightest - I don't care what you lot think, so happy to express my inner dickhead here. Helps that I work with a large number of sane (that word means something different to me) people.

 My only real skill is being able to clear a path to getting sh1t done.  That seems to have put my in good stead despite my numerous limitations. 



having an unusual name

not changing my phone number

Jonatton- what if ‘don’t know’ wasn’t an option?

For me it has to be the ability to doggedly change my approach 100 times until something actually works properly. Also being able to spot the edge cases relevant to the business.

Using my boobs to keeps books steady as I carry them 

Can analyse and apply to detail and at high level.

Make the complex simple and relevant.

Me: hawk-like attention to detial

I literally saw this sentence in a CV "personal statement" section once.  Makes me wonder if it was you. 

‘what if ‘don’t know’ wasn’t an option?‘

what are the options again?

Do hawks really do detail? I think they are just looking for shit to eat.

Eyes of the hawk, strength of the bear, speed of the puma! I have it all.

Are you a librarian phoebe? One of those ones with a tight sweater?

I just like carrying around halsburys 


tight sweater always though

Yes but the stuff they eat is quite detailed when you’re 2000ft up