What would you wear

to a job interview with Anna Winter?


I? Probably this: https://www.matchesfashion.com/products/Roksanda-Mave-bow-back-crepe-dr…

There's some great interviews with her on youtube. I seem to recall her answer is that it has to reflect who you are.

I covet her necklaces. The ones with coloured gems and semi-precious stones.

Stark nekkid - Emperor's new clothes stylee.

Dux - do you reckon that that dress would pass the Royal Enclosure dress code test?

It's hard to tell the length, but I do, yes. Unlike at Henley, with its absurdly rigid "knee lengh" rule, Ascot adopts a more liberal approach to what's respectable.

Oh sorry I've just seen the full length pic on the model. Yes, definitely.

C string pouch all the way.  She’d love it. No trimmage.

I can safely say this is unlikely to be my most pressing problem.  

Dux, my concern was more the back could be too revealing?

No, one sees plenty of dresses like that. Quite acceptable.