What was your best nite out ever
RollOnFridayPingu 09 Oct 20 23:34
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Watching Sasha, Digweed and Oakenfold all play one after another.

Dance music never gripped me in that way sails

  • If you can remember it
  • It wasn't your best night out ever
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Littles message  me tales of your best nite out

The statement without the explanation is such an interesting feature of this thread!

Dance va rock is probably another thread but I’m a bit gutted I missed 1990 summer of love 

OK, here goes. I am not sure it was actually my best night out. But it was a contender. One Saturday, some years ago, me and about three others had a plan to go to see Spurs v Man Utd. at White Hart Lane. We hoped to scalp tickets. As one might expect this did not pan out as tickets were in short supply and those that were for sale cost a bomb. However, one of us did get a ticket. He was a mad United fan and in some respects money was no object for him (his wife was a banker on apparently stupid money.). 

So he went to the game and the rest of use retired to a nearby pub for a few pints and to watch the game on tv. We then moved onto an Indian restaurant including more pints. Then we went to a pub in South London (the Swan?) More pints were consumed. I got to talking to a very hot Australian girl (on my way back from the gents, I think.) She asked if we going upstairs to the late night venue that continued after the pub closed. It was an invitation to hard to resist.

Two of the others went home when the pub closed (they were married men.) The other was up for continuing to party. When we went upstairs he said he would take our jackets to the cloakroom. I would go and get the beers. As the place was rammed I took the precaution of ordering two beers each for us. He disappeared. I assumed that he was on the pull. He fancied himself as a bit of charmer for the ladies. So I went to find my new Australian friend. Which I did.

When the place closed I was fair steaming. My mate had never reappeared. I had no idea what happened to my jacket. I was a bit miffed as it was one of my favourites. My Australian friend suggested we go back to her place in Chiswick. I agreed. I was batting out of my league there tbf.

Anyway, we came outside. My mate was standing outside (and it was freezing.) It transpired that when he went into the cloakroom, and before he had time to hand over the coats, an argument, which had nothing to do with him, broke out and two other fellas started fighting. The bouncers waded in and threw all the people in the cloakroom at the time out into the street, including him.

So he had been standing out in the cold from about 11.30 to 2am waiting for me to come out. I said "Thanks for holding onto my coat" and got into a cab with the girl. Sorry about that.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a truly enjoyable “night out”.

I realise now that I don’t like that kind of thing and never did.

West it was Tall Trees in Yarm in I think 96.

Pingu those big dance nights were in many respects like any gig and part of the joy was a big group of people all enjoying the moment together.  Never forget the buzz as a DJ drops in a tune everybody loves and the place explodes.

heaven as a 17 year old in 89

any of the raindance in early 90s

or those times when you meet for Saturday lunch and end up stumbling out of turn mills on a Sunday.

my wedding night tops it tho

  • I was in a backstreet cafe, somewhere in Bangkok found only by aimless wandering.
  • "What is your pleasure, sir?" asked the wise old Asian stereotype barista.
  • "A 2E." I reply.
  • This was the thing talked of in hushed whispers.
  • My heart beat faster as the 2E was laid out in front of me.
  • I whisper to it "Save your tears. I’ll reap your sorrow slowly. I have centuries to discover the things that make you whimper."

Well since I don’t know where yarm is, pretty sure I wasn’t there.

turnmills is a good shout. Used to like the end as well 

for me the best club was definitely the cross. it is impossible for me to go to dishoom and not drift back 25 years

Ahhhh, the cross! Did you used to go to the renaissance nights?

cant say for sure, but I did go to the original nights in Mansfield i think a few times. lived with a bloke from there at uni

Good times, I always think of Dennis the menace when I think of the x

well just checked, it was monthly for years so almost without a doubt

Northern clubs were much better than southern clubs although I did also like the velvet underground 

Just been thinking about this and honestly there are loads. Made me feel pretty blessed. 

Sails.  I'd never of guessed you were a music lover. 

I heart sasha like no other. Saw him at Gods one time, place was empty, literally must have been 50 people in there, mostly mingled out. I stood with  the Galaxy FM dj who hosted dance anthems and watched Sasha just go wild. Blending all genres seamlessly. Incredible. He fucked the 4pm curfew as well. Nobody wanted him to stop. Played till 5. I was ruined as I left. 

Northern clubs were much better than southern clubs 

This. 100%. Think I’ve only been to two London clubs ever, but mostly Birmingham, Sheffield, Manchester and Newcastle otherwise...Godskitchen, Sundissential, Gatecrasher, Shindig (Newcastle night), Sankeys....aww. It was ace. 

Jeff Mills at the Arches, Glasgow, 2002, followed by a warehouse party down Kelvinhaugh street.



Tom Frederikse, partner at Clintons was Sasha’s producer.  I believe in his book, Sasha also credits him as being the person who got him into DJing in the first place! 

Walking into the American Bar at the Savoy with my sugar baby on my arm. Tall, lithe, blonde... the looks of sheer envy I got from similarly aged men say with their frumpy boring housewives out for a treat. Few G&Ts, dinner in the grill, back to the room for a few hours while she met some friends, then a night of passionate lovemaking. Wonderful.

I always wanted to be a music lawyer. I googled the guy at clintons- is he also a producer?

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Shindig was quality.

too many great nights in my previous life, but would be outy to give any details.

Shindig was SO good. I was more of a hardhouse stomper for a long time, went to four Tidy weekenders...aww, it was fun.   
 I remember seeing Carl Cox at Sankeys and it was one of the best sets. There was also an epic NYE party in Manchester with Erick Morillo headlining. Went to a few Global Gatherings. I have a load of lanyards in a box somewhere...


I think Faithless was my best night out. 

My best night in, is harder to answer...

  • Genuine answer.
  • Tricky one.
  • Possibly seeing Motorhead at Hammersmith Apollo the night before meeting the now wife.
  • Or could've been a mate's birthday the night before spending a hungover day watching the news of Osama Bin Laden's death.
  • Or even meeting a few mates on July 4th 2020 when pubs opened again, having spent months shut in.

Oooh stardust, I went to sankeys for new year    - maybe we were at the same one!

Las Vegas, Hakkasan, a few years ago, night before Halloween.

Calvin Harris playing when he was at the height of his popularity, and we (6 good mates) were in full fancy dress (along with half the club) - we had chosen black-tie, top hats, canes and then full-on skull face paint that was brilliantly done by a makeup artist. 

When arriving at MGM and making our way from entrance of casino to club, we must have been stopped a dozen times by people asking for photos our fancy dress was that good.

Nearly didn't get into Hakkasan as the overzealous bouncers couldn't ID us from our passport photos. But the fixer came to the rescue and we got escorted to our table. 

The place was going off; ridiculously hot women all over. Met a group of, randomly, hot dental technicians from LA. 5 out of 6 of us ended up getting laid (some bona fide 9s and 10s too). It was the most I've ever paid on a single night out ($1k) and was worth every single penny.

That will never be topped. 


Global ABS Conference in Barcelona, maybe 2000, can't remember.

It was pure, Wolf of Wall St carnage. Everything was as it should be for 3 or so days. Super yachts, swank parties in beach villas, cocaine, casual sex, all the free booze. 

It only marginally topped the previous year's ISDA thing, maybe Geneva or Basel, where I pissed out of an anchored hot air balloon onto a load of GS wallahs. 

Capitalism used to be so good.

If your greatest ever night out was at a work conference you need to have a word 

Me: probably Zoo Project Ibiza in the daytime followed by Digitalism and Justice at Space. A decade ago now (sad face)

Thanks Dave, I'll have a word. Need that, always feel good that you've got my six. Cheers.

Heh @ all the 'yeah, it was like totes amaze. We were at the Topclub de Twat in Saint Tropez and ALL the models wanted to shag me on the dance floor'.  I don't get how you can ever feel comfortable enough somewhere like that to actually enjoy it properly. 

There are two candidates for mine.  One was a house party in a fairly sh1tty bit of Birmingham.  Although it was roughly 72 hours of chaos so I guess technically it's not one night out .  It was completely surreal and there are a couple of quite amusing stories but unsuitable for a family website. 

The other started off with brunch with my best friend from uni and his aunt in some fancy west end place (I can't actually remember where now, might have been Mezzo) and sort of gathered pace through the day. Catching up with a few mates in the afternoon.  Beers and laughs till midnight, then dancing like idiots at Popstarz before ending up with us leaving Trade the following day at about noon. Bewildered and 'clublagged' for days afterwards the way only an all day and night bender can leave you.  



Rugby World Cup final 2003. England v. Australia. I was in Cayman at the time so we watched it at the rugby club there.

Crowd was about 50/50 Aussies and Brits, about 2.00am in the morning, the Aussies did a BBQ for everyone. Plenty of beer.

When that kick went over, the place erupted. I remember grabbing a couple of bottles of Champagne from the bar (pay for it later), wandering over the road to the beach and sitting watching the sunrise.

All was good in the world.

Aside from times with my wiff, has to be in the Woolshed in cairns. (or is it the woolpack, i always get confused with emmerdale.)

Was drinking with a newfound m7 who was strikingly similar to the naked avenger, formerly of this parish.  Dancing on tables and pulling the hottest bird in the club.  Then went to a late night pool bar and won $200 playing an aussie lairy big dude.  I didnt have the $200 so I had to win or i suspect suffer some punchery.  Knocked in all the yellows off the break.  Got snookered on the black and executed for the only time in my life a perfect swerve shot around the wall of reds to win.  Gettin.

Then I escorted the blonde lady home.

The Tropicana in Havana in 56. We flew in from Miami and were drinking daquiris and dancing with handsome Cubans and well dressed Italian American men through the night. 

There was a fantastic pianist and fireworks at midnight. I won't kiss and tell, but I woke up on the beach the next morning, but I didn't get cold.


Greatescaped, you wore a top hat with black tie rather than tails??? Only in Las Vegas could someone pull while committing such a dreadful solecism.


1994 deciding which college bars to bar crawl. M6 who was of the muzzler non-drinking persuasion said " 'ang on lads, I've got an idea". He drove the 5 of us to Cambridge where after a few stiffeners in a few college bars we gatecrashed St John's summer ball walking in through the front gates along with the headline band and their roadies. Got clocked after about 20 mins and spent the next three hours being chased around by security while generally partaking of the festivities. Had to hide under an upturned punt at one point while torches flashed around as they tried to catch us. Captain Jim ripped his jeans in two when they got caught on top of a spiked fence as he tried to evade security. Finally got caught and thrown out. Me and my m6 slept in another college principal's garden and were woken up at dawn by a couple of lovely ladies who made us a cup of tea before we all regrouped and made our weary way home.

56? That would mean that you are the wrong side of 80 Lovely Old Dear.

There was a young man from st johns

Who wanted to bugger the swans

Oh no said the porter

You’ll bugger my daughter

The swans are reserved for the dons 


And in terms of best night out, I’d say a sweaty down the Clare cellars. Nothing particularly ‘special’ about it per se, but a friend was DJing and so I got in for free, the best music was played, all the team was there and I just danced and laughed my arse off whilst everyone got so hot they stripped off to the barest of essentials. Young. Strong. Invincible.

Also frequented Sankeys. 

I have too many to remember but they usually ended with me throwing up non stop the next day as I’ve never been able to cope with hangovers and historically always found it difficult not to drink to extreme proportions. A memorable one was a party where loads of people dressed up as doctors And nurses were giving vodka shots via syringes. The same party where superman jumped onto the corrugated part of a roof terrace and shot through to the furniture shop below... “not so super now are you” said my friend dryly (dressed as Fred Astaire). 


Watched guy vomit over girl giving him a bj

Then wiped himself on a curtain 

What a night

I have two stories for the best nite ever. I am in mid fifties, so bear with me.

1. the night we went late to Crazy Lalas on New Kings Road and hooked up with the England First Eleven. This is before they went professional. Superb night, loads of laughs and banter and Up All Night in the the Fulham Road then a taxi in the morning light and bye bye out of the taxi to home. I think they were all married and we were girls about town and giggling throughout.

2. the night in Copenhagen in early nineties. This was a work do and was dreading it. But. Went to a nighlightclub and Abba type band playing, danced all night. Shortly we discovered, actually WAS , ACTUALLY, ABBA playing, superb, will never forget. BEST. NITE. EVER. Unforgettable. Was June and midnight sun. Whole thing unbelievable.

It is strange after lots of great nights out the one that sticks in my mind is totally pedestrian (in terms of storytelling).


At law college I finally pulled properly a girl I had fancied for ages. We had snogged a couple of times already, but it had never developed and we had become friends. I was on the cusp of entering the god awful friendzone territory. Anyway after a deliciously sweaty, drunken, smoke ridden night I banged her in her room. I can still taste the atmosphere of it all.


For the playa story telling side, I stayed in a villa in Ibiza with Kate Moss’s manager and associated coke heads, musicians etc. (and one rather out of place lawyer), drove to Pacha (what was I thinking of), got ushered in through the kitchen to the VIP section, went to Space, picked up my car 2 ½ days later.