what they rent - norf edition

Space would possibly work better if you took out the wall between the kitchen and living room as it's a reasonably large kitchen but small living room as it is.

"Our rent feels quite high" at £650 a month FFS!

I'm not sure you could even get a bed in a homeless hostel for £650 a month in London. 

Yes but they probably earn a lump of coal a year, rather than twelvety zillion dollars.

Farnley's nice. 

I was paying more than that for a 2 bedroom flat in Headingley 10 years ago. 

"Our rent feels quite high" at £650 a month FFS!


Well ???  how much of thier take home pay is going in rent?

It may seem high  tbh  I only pay £100 quid more for my one bed in Lewisham and that's Zone 2 , but I have a nice landlord , I have been here 10 years, I look after the place as if I owned it and she knows I cant afford a rent rise to market rates in the area

Looks like a perfectly alright house and they seem like a nice couple.

I'd rather live in Farnley than Lewisham obvs, but nobody seems to be taking into consideration the enormous gulf in salaries. £30k is a King's Ransom up north.

3 ducks if they earn 30 k each that’s £1700pcm each leaving them with £1400 disposable income each after the rent is paid, they can live very comfortably on 2800 net between them

Halfway down - the cat is thinking 'what a shit garden'

I'm just guessing, who knows? But yeah I imagine so, which is why actually the rent is quite high for them probably.

They have a thing reading "#Asquith Forever". Not surprising, as he was a Leeds man himself. Educated by the Quakers in Pudsey.

Not all rents in the north are created equal. Leeds quite spenny, 'Boro less so.