What purchases are you coveting at the moment?

I can't stop looking at Loewe bags....



I'm considering a new set of ski clothing. Essentially a choice of two different colours of the same outfit. One is described as alpine green, the other purple mist.

I walked past the Lakeland in guildford the other day and I really want a soda stream

I want a new bed.

Purple mist have just given me an image of Tom in some kind of Prince purple velvet number skiing down a mountain.

I still need to replace a fridge freezer but it’s all so much effort to hunt around for prices and suchlike.

Also I would now like a soda stream.

wang/teclis: I cajoled mrs h into letting me get a sodastream

I love it (only use it for water, mind)

Hmm interesting that Argos are doing them for 50% off as a Black Friday thing.

Linda, I spent AGES on that website coveting most of them!

Fuck it I've just ordered one. Sale section obvs 

All I need chattel wise is a new training bag which I’ll get for Xmas 

all i need otherwise is real estate ownership 

A massive 65” tv and sound bar. As tasteless as possible. 

fuck me the cost of those trees (even the sale ones)


A cool desk for my office that can go and and down at the touch of a button 

New Apple Watch (will get)

Biggest TV we can fit in the space in the built in units (will get but probably not until Disney+ launches and I can confirm what TVs will have it built in)

Squat / power rack (possibly not, ideally would want to build a big man-shed to put it in as well)

Srsly an Apple Watch!?  That’s a step too far for me brah.

they are nice though

my fake tree is looking very sorry for itself and I was balking at spending £60 on a lush one when I can get a nice real one from a dodgy bloke in a van for cheaper

(with additional guilt for environmental destruction)

An inflatable SUP, but I might as well wait until spring and/or until when I know where I will be next summer .,,

Mulberry Amberley satchel and wallet in oxblood

A free-standing tapestry frame

A copper handle for my Le Creuset casserole

That's the stuff I can't bring myself to buy even though I want them.

Orwell, you work hard, you don't have kids to think about, indulge yourself! xx

Leica M6 

Billingham Hadley One in sage

Mamiya 6 G 50mm F/4 L lens

Dusty, I've already bought myself a Mauviel copper saucier and have some very expensive bills ahead of me, so can't justify further indulgence at this point :(

I want to make/buy an airing cupboard, as the boiler is in the basement, not really convenient, so we dont have one. I reckoned I could get a handyman to build a little cupboard with slatted shelf in an upstairs room and install one of those greenhouse heaters

Minkie, try ebay for that sort of thing.  There are all sorts of furniture makers on there that do a great job of replicating stuff you've seen elsewhere. 

I dont have kids but completely agree parents of young kids need LOADS of treats!

Also a soda stream 

Nothing else really

am getting sad and old, and annoyed about the amount of stuff I have 

After several decades, I have everything.  Even if currently packed away in the barn, I cannot go out and buy new stuff because I have it already.

A mahoosive tree to go with my 20 foot high ceiling.

I want a Rolex Oyster Perpetual. White or blue face.

I had never really been into Rolex watches before, but this one is growing on me. Simultaneously very elegant and versatile.

I got a beautiful 1960s big shiny ball soda siphon for my birthday. Way nicer than a soda stream if you’re only doing water(it doesn’t half go through the gas canisters though - must be same for soda stream?)


agree re Loewe bags but I’d like a Bottega pls. 
what I’d really like and may buy Black Friday 1/3 off is a silk kimono dressing gown from liberty but I fear my dwarf proportions may not work well with it

Wonderfully, nothing.

I know I bang on about it but living in a bum-fuck country that's too hot for fancy suits and basic living is subsidised by my employer, I covet nothing nothing of monetary value.

The missus on the other hand...

Sorry m8 - I do not covet your missus.  I've blocked her on whatsapp.

This https://www.viewsonic.com/eu/products/projectors/x10-4k.php


Stardust and Escaped - couldn't agree more. Loewe are always beautiful leather and beautifully made but this year's bags are genuine works of art. The only thing stopping me buying one is that using it as a bag would trash it. They deserve to be on display, as a sculpture.


agree re Loewe bags but I’d like a Bottega pls. 
what I’d really like and may buy Black Friday 1/3 off is a silk kimono dressing gown from liberty but I fear my dwarf proportions may not work well with it


Ooh yes the classic over the shoulder woven bag they do is so beautiful. Funnily enough, those are the two brands I stare at most for bags. Occasionally Mulberry but I think some of their stuff looks quite old fashioned now.

I also tried to bid on a silk kimono on eBay but someone else won it, the poopyhead. It was beautiful.

are soda streams really worth it? I thought they seemed not uch better than just buying fizzy water last time I looked

Isn't there some complicated Israel thing that means you should/should not buy them depending on whether you're a racist/snowflake/intersex?

I've had my soda stream for nearly 2 years and use it every day.  I used to get through about 4x2l fizzy water bottles a week so that's around 400 plastic bottles saved from landfill.  It doesn't really work out cheaper but it's not more expensive either.

My only grumble is that it is not as easy to get canister refills as it should be.  Bob Dyas and Argos do it but no one delivers, which is a bit irritating.  I only need to change the canister about once every six weeks though, so it's not that a big a deal.

Clergs - if nothing else it’ll cut down on the amount of single use plastic bottles if you like fizzy water.

where the fuck do you live that your plastic goes to landfill, Nex?

Nexis, try Robert Dyas. Have seen them in a display there.

Ignore me, just properly read what you said!!!


Do Lakeland do them?

not just reducing plastic use but the needless transportation of bottled water

there was an anti soda stream campaign because their factory was in occupied territory

they have now closed that down but of course that led to job losses for Palestinians

so as usual in that part of the world nothing is simply right or wrong

We get through one 2l bottle of sparking water a week,  Seems Soda stream cost is about 60p per litre (so £1.20 for 2l) plus you need to buy/store the machine so a lot more expensive than buying (and recycling) Tesco brand fizzy water.