What particular element of this story causes your eyebrows to move

In a Roger Moore-esque fashion?



Yes that's right. Despite everything in this story which is noteworthy, it's the line "the group stopped at a service station in the town of Banana"

The fact that they were using coarse fishing tackle for salmon?

They think 560 miles is a long journery and why would it take 10 hrs?

Is the speed limit 56 mph in Australia

Please, please, please let one of them have been using the steering wheel, one changing gear, and another crouched down in the footwell on pedal duty.

This will be a massive Hollywood blockbuster before next year is out.

"Things were quiet in the small town of Banana, when trouble came calling. With the wrong kind of rod."

The marketing lines write themselves!

"They wanted to catch salmon. They got caught in banana."

what I life about this - as well as the fact there’s a town called Banana - is that they packed money and fishing rods. What more do you need? And the bit about them locking themselves in and the PoPo having to smash windows with batons to get in. A heh there.

‘just sit tight Mariel, if we don’t move they will believe we are adults and if we lock the doors they can’t get us.’