what new hobby would you like to take up?

inspirez-moi svp!

I would like to re take up learning the piano. No piano currently, though.

I have no intention of taking it up but definitely the one that stuck out in interviews was someone who did "aerial yoga".  Less cool than it sounds but still fairly cool.


going to do it in my retirement, couple of years away. I cant manage the commitment for a course at the moment.

I'm looking forward to getting back to some of my old hobbies soon rather than getting new ones.

Horse riding, motorbikes, reading, travelling, photography and gardening.

Can't wait!

I was imagining last night being absolutely amazing at drumming and being in a band


I never got very far learning them when I was younger, I found it too frustrating and gave up. Which is a shame as I would look hot on the front of Kerrang

cycling again, though not sure central london is necc the place to sensibly start again!

I don't have enough time for the hobbies that I currently have

when I get back to the uk I am going to get a paddleboard for there 

I would also like to grow more food so maybe allotmenting

It sounds a bit lame but - Magic The Gathering!

It looks like an interesting and complex game and the art is cool

I would also like to sail in a dinghy up the west coast of Ireland and around all the islands there.

That distance would be so uncomfortable in a dinghy. Assume you'd do it in a million little stages. Crikey. Do it in a yacht where there's tea making facilities at LEAST!

We have SUP. It's ace.

I would like to take up a musical instrument again. Gave up piano a million years ago. Maybe the guitar.

At the moment I am getting more and more obsessed with my garden. Have just bought a glorious David Austen rose for it ("The Generous Gardener") and am propagating lots of veg and the clematis is still flowering...I am trying to turn it into a proper little haven.

dusty do you have an inflatable SUP? I have a 'normal' one here, but I am close enough to the sea that I can walk down with it. thinking of getting an inflatable one in the UK

We have an inflatable one. It's huge and comes with a handy backpack it folds into. The PSI is much higher than the cheaper ones, too so it's far sturdier. We are only a fifteen minute drive from the sea, so it's nice to have. I am thinking getting Mr D a kayak for his birthday next year.

I am still enjoying knitting which I took up earlier this year

I can't follow patterns though as they seem to be deliberately written in a khuntish impenetrable way, so I make stuff up myself. Knitting a panda at the moment

cool, thanks dusters; I have a sea kayak here as well and it is ace

Mugen - download MTG Arena, it’s a good place to start. If you’re feeling it (and have cash to burn) you can transition into actual cards, check if you have a local shop or MTG group. 

I really wanna get back to playing piano after 15 years off - OH bought an awesome one (Seiler) on a whim a couple of weeks ago, and it’s whispering to my in my sleep. Hard to work up the courage though, to that terrifying moment when you put your fingers on the keys again for the first time to find out just how much of it you’ve lost after all that time. 

Merkz - Mr D has contacts through work for those SUPs so hit me up when you come back this way and I can tell you the brand etc.

paddle-boarding, mountain biking, porn, bread-making.

Tried learning piano and guitar years ago. Not enough dexterity in my right hand. Can't play melodies or chords. A shame, as I can read music. I'm doomed to being able to play one instrument that's useless outside of a brass band. 

+1 for SUPing

I fancy giving mountain banking a go too. 

I've actually taken up a new one fairly recently - coaching youth football - I am pretending not to be too into it but, we all know, I shall be Pep Guardiola soon.

Heh @ u pretending you haven't already got Gladwell's 10,000 hours in at porn

Don't.  It  is fun, but it costs a lot of time and money and you play at a club spotty 15 year olds will beat you with their eyes closed. Take up boardgames instead

How about that thing where you levitate over a big fan? You know the one I mean.

I really used to enjoy art using charcoals when I had time. Also baking.

But I really want to start writing. I'm thinking something including comedy either a script of fiction.

not so much as new, as i'd like to have time for more bridge, more sailing, more skiing and more academics. 


I would love to start playing the violin again, I just don't want anyone else to hear me as I will be BAD to start with. 


Bridge is wonderful but haven't played for about 20 years. Might get round to joining the local bridge club but I suspect it is probably uber competitive.

I ought to dust off the piano and start playing again. Would quite like to learn to play the clarinet but it takes such a lot of practice to become any good and I am just too lazy.

Another one for me would be kick-boxing.

I've done it a few times before but my yoga teacher invited me to go with her, and I think she's fit so....

Aaagh the violin! I was stuck with playing the violin for 8 years and hated it. Definitely won't be taking that up again.

I thought I hated it at times Gwen but even in my schoolgirl way it was lovely to be able to make an instrument make music. And playing in an orchestra (when it's coming together) is in retrospect, really something. 

I was allowed to give up the violin after spectacularly failing grade 3 after years of lessons.

I like the idea of exploring Irish islands in a dinghy.  Better for gaining access to small islands and beaches than a yacht and something like a wayfarer is reasonably comfortable for a small group.