What if, instead of a secomd referendum

Parliament decided to act in the best interests of the country and withdraw the A50 notice.  (After May's deal is defeated.)   

And then set about properly dealing with the fallout.  Firstly, clear up after the riots.  Then, whoever is in power after the GE that might follow (probably Labour) commits to ending austerity, more funding for public services in the areas that need it most, make universal credit fit for purpose, make sure MPs are more visible in their constituencies and have public meetings where people can openly air their grievances and be listened to.  Commit to removing the need for food banks.  And so on.  Basically give people some tlc and stop taking the piss.  It will cost money, but so will everything if we leave the EU.    


I'd vote for that. I don't agree with nationalising the railways though simply because taking on the pensions would be financially insane.

Christ, that sounds horrific.  We'd be taxed to death.

Parliament decided to act in the best interests of the country and withdraw the A50 notice.



It is blatently in the national interest to remain.   However, the damage done to our political society of ignoring the referendum without another one would be too great.  There has to be a 2nd referendum and remain has to win it.

Judy, much can be done with some sensitive PR and visibility.  Listening to people costs nothing. The implementation of UC has been a disgrace anyway.  

Guy, if remain wins Ref2, the same stuff will have to be done. Many people will cry betrayal in that case, too.  I don't disagree with you, but there is a huge risk of losing another referendum.  The bots and liars will be out in force. 

"Listening to people costs nothing" but what is the point then if you don't listen to the people?  Oh wait....

There is a reason why we are a representative democracy rather than a direct democracy. People know when they are not happy about how things are going, but they don't necessarily know how best to fix it.

If people voted leave because they are fed up with their standard of living being eroded, it is better to acknowledge that and seek to address the root causes of it, rather than go ahead with a bad Brexit which, whilst being what they voted for in a literal sense, will not actually help address the reasons why they are angry, and is in fact more likely to exacerbate them.

Nigh on impossible to do that and explain why you've done it without coming across like you're saying, "you're too stupid to know what's good for you" though.

Damn David Cameron to hell.

Anna, of course leave may win again, if that is so, it will be beyond doubt that the British people put being out of the EU ahead of their own economic well-being.  Well so be it.  The country will be self--harming, but consciously so.  Remainers like us will just have to accept it and see about leaving the sinking ship. 

To be fair to Cameron, his main mistake was underestimating how well he would do in the 2015 election.  He assumed the lib dems would block his referendum promise.

I believe that Leave would win again, albeit narrowly.

Well if we do have another referendum Juso could you at least do your bit for the sensible option this time by not voting to leave?

I already have, but for many people it's simply not possible. My ageing parents, for example.

To be fair to Cameron, his main mistake was underestimating how well he would do in the 2015 election.  He assumed the lib dems would block his referendum promise.

No, his main mistake was being an absolute fucktrumpet with less sense than he was born with.

Buzz, That German posted the most annoying photo on FB yesterday. He is presently in Africa, helping Africans.  And there is this photo of him, having dressed up an African chap in one of his favourite T-shirts.  It is the most horrifically comedic thing I have seen.  It has literally turned me back into a frothing fervent Brexiteer.  I'll e-mail it to you now.

white privilege that condescends is better than white privilege that knowingly screws less well off people they are supposed to represent economically to fulfil either political ambition (Johnson) or fantasy right wing idealogy (Rees-Mogg).

I was a BoJo fan before this debacle, but I have zero respect for him now.

I dont think we should leave, notwithstanding the very slim majority of ill-informed people purportedly in favour of it in the illegal, advisory 2016 referendum that was called by a coward and built on dishonesty and cynicism.  

The consequences are too damaging.  A minority of the electorate cannot be allowed to inflict serious damage on the whole country and furure generations, it’s just absurd.  

Parliament needs to get a grip and withdraw the notice.  

Responsible parents dont let their kids play in the road or stick their fingers in electric sockets, however great the tantrum.  

What has a german chap in africa got to do with brexit?  

What she’s going to do is say she’s binning the backstop, possibly on the back of the judgment of being able to withdraw Article 50 unilaterally, i.e. tell Parliament the EU will have to bend to us on the backstop or else we won’t leave.......

double and triple think obviously, and nonsensical in terms of going forward, but will cause parliament to fall in behind her “in the national interest”.

At every crunch point you reduce complex issues to a binary choice of shit vs double portions of shit. You end up smelling not as bad as your oppo. But everyone smells, that’s a given. 

What has a german chap in africa got to do with brexit?  

Nothing. People voted leave for all kinds of reasons which had fuck all to do with the EU. Which is another reason for not leaving. 

(No offence, Judo.) 

Heh, if you were Judo bashing then your post would surely have read

People voted Leave for all sorts of reasons which were manifestly not to do with the EU and so we are going to get fvcked in the arse.

(sorry Judo, love you really)