What ice cream will you be having tonight?

No ice cream is a wrong answer

Unfortunately there is nowhere exciting near me so probably just a solero

Either a mini twister (but I already had one this morning so maybe not) or some salted caramel oppo.

I have just discovered somewhere on justeat that delivers ice cream


I would really like one of those white chocolate and oreo cookie magnums.

Thank you for reminding me, I shall have a proper whippy cone from the lovely sparklingly clean prize-winning whippy cone seller round the corner, and eat it as I walk home in the sunshine :)

Haven't had an ice cream since I was a kid... ...do they still come with ripple squirt and a dip in the chopped nuts?

I shall be having a Fab.  I suspect MJJ will be having a Twister.  PROPER lollies with no natural ingredients, innit?

Reminds me there's an ace ice cream shop just at the end of my road.  May have to drop in for an ultimate chocolate milk shake on my way home.

I think extolling the health benefits of milkshakes is pushing it a bit, but they are delicious. 

I had pistachio ice cream yesterday.  finished it so none left for today sad


double cherry magnums are lush. unfortunately I’ve eaten them and all that’s left in my freezer is a cornetto and half a tub of rank ‘diet’ ice cream that belongs in the bin.


really though you can’t get better than a mr whippy 

I just finished a white choccie magnum.  Was well lush.

Why would I have ice cream? It’s kind of chilly out now.