What on Earth is this about?



unsurprisingly Googling "Prince William media blackout" doesn't get much 

There was some falling out between waity kaity and one of her mates who lived nearby, rumors of some infidelity etc.

No idea if there’s any substance to it but it was all shut up really quickly when it first leaked.

Wills getting jiggy with Rose appaz. K8 is incandescent.  Allegedly

I'm so Team K8!

Anyone who wears LKB must be a good egg

How do you know? 

I personally think it’s probably bollox but I can’t state it as fact that he isn’t exercising his droit de seigneur. (Great big hairy thing as Nanny Ogg recalls).

You can see the terror in Tony’s eyes as to whether or not the camera will pick up he’s nursing a semi.

wot Strutters said.



Cholmondeley did well to capture the Marchioness at the age of 58

"So Debbie McGee what first attracted you to millionaire Paul Daniels?"