what do you reckon the dalai lama will come back as?

given that he clearly has not attained enlightenment

But what if he HAS, and it's everyone else who is wrong?

well the enlightenment stuff is about wordly trappings

he has suggested a makeup budget for Lady Lama

Presumably he will come back as the dalai lama (albeit in a different body). Have I missed the point of this religion, you reincarnate until you reach enlightenment?

and if he doesn't come back as the dalai lama, how will they find him next time? 

You don't understand Buddhism. It believes in both inner and outer worth. Physical beauty is something to be admired and praised, something we in the West are very squeamish about for some reason.

yes, amberman, life is a terrible wheel and the only way to escape it is to Become Enlightened


but wait good point they look for the new lama in a new body so maybe he is special somehow

special sexist pig

nothing, because re incarnation is not a thing no matter how much your magic grandpa of choice tells you it is

I think the Tibetan hierarchy is Dalai Lama - Monk - Yak Cheese Maker - Yak - Dung Beetle - nematode worm - fungus.

I love that dux is holding himself out as an expert in the teachings of the big Bud.  

He also puts me in mind of a line by an australian comic whose name I forget, but it would be innappropriate these days to repeat.