What do people on this board think it will take for me

... to  "grow up"?

I can't see this happening as a result of a conscious decision on my part.

If you haven't grown up at your age, you never will.

Some kind of hideous health scare and/or a good hard slap round the face.

a woman who stays with you despite your lack of sexual prowess

alternatively, everybody you knew grew up and won't go partying with you anymore

alternatively, jrm takes a fancy in you and makes you become his new butler with benefits. I mean, a butler is pretty grown up in his own right

The real test, DD, will be whether you stay with your girlfriend when she starts sprouting chin hairs.

why would she? also, aren't there laser devices for such?

She will because all women do after the age of 30. There are two types of women over 30: the ones who admit to having chin hairs and the ones who don't.

Anna I think you need to adjust your age threshold as the ladies in my life haven't sprouted them until their 70's.

There are the ones who admit to having the odd chin hair and there are the ones who have the odd chin hair but won't admit to it.

You can get laser treatment whether you admit to needing it or not.

The ladies in your life are in the latter category then, Sails. (They don't admit to it.)

No I can clearly see my mum's hairy chin as I could with my granny as well.

However, I saw a poor girl in her 20's on the tube this morning with the start of a full beard.

The women in your lives are plucking out their chin hairs, guys.

Not sure why a health scare would cause me to grow up. I'd go more mental if anything if I knew for a fact my time on this earth was drawing to a close.

well but if it is drawing to a close unless you change your lifestyle then you'll move